Early Symptoms Breast Cancer Patients Should Not Ignore

For a woman coming with terms to the fact that she is suffering from breast cancer can be a really daunting experience. In most cases, even if she is at the first stage, the doctor suggests for a breast removal surgery and this can be tormenting for her.

The doctors usually suggest for a breast removal surgery because cancer cells multiple quite quickly and even after several rounds chemotherapy, there is always a chance that the cancer might return at any time.

Dr Sidharth Sahni

In case of breast cancer, the symptoms slowly aggravate over a period of time. Here are some early symptoms that are often overlooked:

•Constant fatigue, anorexia, nausea, and, occasional vomiting

•Drastic change in daily appetite. The patient might eat properly one day but other days there is a complete change.

•Difference in breast size

•Lump formation in the lower neck and breast region

•Heaviness and pain in breast

•Mood swings

•Irregular menstrual cycle

If the patient is suffering from almost most of the above-mentioned symptoms then she must see a doctor soon.

Knowing that you are suffering from cancer can be emotionally tormenting to the patient. And here is where the family can play in important part in uplifting the patient’s spirit. As per the expert opinion of oncologist Dr. Sidharth Sahani, the following things should be done:

•Start waking up early in the morning to follow a healthy lifestyle

•Eat healthy and light

•Behave normally and stay motivated

•Be there for the patient during chemo sessions

•Watch movies that are hopeful and motivational

•Try Yoga and alternate therapies

Patients with the end-stage breast cancer should be referred to a nutritionist and phycologist to enhance the chances of recovery. Besides the radiation therapy, the patient has to pay extra attention to his daily eating habits. Usually, radiation therapy takes a lot of toll on patient’s overall health and energy level, which is why they should take plenty of rest after a chemo session. There should be a gap of at least 3-6 weeks in between every chemo session.

Getting suggestions from a right physician is very important in such cases because a good physician can help the patient recover much early without hassles and excruciating pain.

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