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As we all know, Lumen5 is the best for making any commercial animation. There is nothing lacking in this application to make a product ad suitable for social platforms. Lumen5 is best for you with best resolution videos, Instagram videos, Facebook videos.

But some problems with the use of Lumen5 have been emerging in recent times. For example, the inability to make long videos, the problem of character effects, the inability to use multiple backgrounds in a movie more problems are being revealed. And the number of its users is decreasing day by day and they are looking for Lumen5 Alternative.

Lumen5 Problems

Options for text like font size, time reducing, and share to the Facebook option, artificial intelligence, musical track, logo or watermark separation, etc. are no longer unique. There is a difference between the current state of Lumen5 in 2017 and the current state of Lumen5. It was then that Lumen5 e first brought the above items to market. But nowadays any normal animation maker software has these options.

By 2020, Lumen5 has made some changes. For example, the marketing system, any character needed for marketing, but no one will use Lumen5 for marketing videos. It takes very little time to make a video after the latest update of Lumen5. You can watch any video screenplay along with editing.

The things that will embarrass you after using Lumen5 are very disgusting. Cannot add handwriting, no charts or graphs used in animation. There is no editor for formal editing. Cannot publish in GIF format. GIFs are very important in animation videos. These GIFs are marketing.

Lumen5 Alternative

Lumen5 Alternative

1. We need to see if the character options are unlimited. Because for any video the character works as an effective and attention seeker.

2. The animation effect seems to be a little too much. Because if you have an animation effect, you don't have to face any problem when you want to make a video.

3. The roll action effect is another necessary factor. Because this effect is necessary for the background play of your animation. If you do not have this effect option, you will not be able to add any background video or music. On the other hand, if you can add, the video will not run. Then you will be forced to choose another Lumen5 Alternative application.

4. In many parts of the video, more than one video has to be added in the background. As you can see in any presentation or Hollywood movie or cartoon. No current animation application is logical except for multiple background options.

If there is a lack of the above in an application, it is better to discard it immediately. With Lumen5 Animation Maker software, once the world's most expensive companies run their campaigns. But now almost everyone is looking for Lumen5 Alternative just for lack of updates.

Mango Animation Maker

In this age of competition, following any traditional method is self-sacrificing for any company. In that case, Mango Animation Maker has come up with all the benefits mentioned above to help you. They are also quite successful in business and after installation, they will explain to you through video how business success will come. Mango Animation Maker is a separate template for ad videos.

If you want to choose Mango Animation Maker as Lumen5 Alternative, you must have a good idea about the above. And of course, it is better to choose the full animation maker Mango Animation Maker for business success. You can understand the rest only if you use it.

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