A Quick Guide on Admission Requirements and Eligibility for Harvard Medical School (HMS)

Harvard Medical School (HMS) is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It started working in the year 1636 and felt pride in itself for being the reputable Ivy League School. This medical school is involved in delivering various medical programs, and all of its programs have been ranked to be the top finest ones in States over a competitive environment. They have a friendly environment and work under an exceptional faculty where most of their professors have achieved the honour to be entitled to the 9 Noble Prizes in the field of Medicine or Psychology.

According to the latest ranking, it is ranked at the 3rd spot for being the top best universities in the whole world. It has fully maintained its repute and prestige for achieving high success and offering wonderful programs.

Campus Details of Harvard school of medicine

Harvard School of Medicine

No doubt, this medical school is a complete world where you can experience the on-campus museum as well as John Harvard’s sculpture. Plus, its Harvard Square also facilitates shopping along with dining.

AcademicsDetails of Harvard school of medicine

Harvard University

This medical school has programs of 726 MDs, as well as 803 PhDs, with 145 DMDs, and 127 MMScs, plus DMScs. You might not know the fact that this medical school has been the third oldest medical school, which has become part of the US. It was founded in the year 1782 and has been associated with different medical signs of progress.

Few famous research centres and hospitals that are affiliated with Harvard are Boston Children’s Hospital, as well as Joslin Diabetes Center, and Mclean Hospital, plus Massachusetts General Hospital, or The Forsyth Institute.

As we talk about their curriculum, it is an overall combination of different degrees, including MD-PhD. Hence it provides a complete fellowship backing over a few of the students who are enrolled in both the programs of PhD and MD.

As regards MD-MAD is concerned, students can take Admission over specific courses. These degrees are related to the Master of Bioethics as well as the Master of Biomedical Informatics degree programs. This MD-MBA is playing an important role where it has been developing future leaders inside the medical field. These certified health doctors will be playing a major role in providing the best of their health services in different fields and will have basic knowledge related to various medical equipment.

The degree course of MD-MMSc is available in different programs in which we have a medical education, clinical investigation, immunology, and global health delivery. All those students who have a high interest in the fields of preventive medicine or public health can apply for the MPH programs. But they can only apply if they have already enrolled themselves in the MD programs. This field of MD-MPP is a complete dedication for all those people who are heading their way to make a strong future in the medical field.

Another most famous MD program of this medical school has been health sciences & technology. In this coursework, students will gain high knowledge and will be inculcating it with the patient correspondence and add upon a basic involvement of at least 2 preclinical years of coursework. Over the end of the program, all the students have to submit a viable thesis having a strong research base, which will also reflect major clinical experiences.

Admission Requirements & Eligibility for Harvard Medical School (HMS)

In this medical school, the acceptance rate has been around 6%. So it means that out of 100, there are just 6 students who got an opportunity to step into this university centre. This acceptance rate has been the lowest.

GPA & SAT Requirements

For some of the students, meeting their SAT and GPA requirements is quite a hassle task to perform. They are extremely strict with their admission criteria and make the selection of best students out of thousands. If you are not able to meet up with the expectations, then your chances of selection are null.

You have to score straight A in all the courses. As the SAT score has been concerned, at an average level, the score has to be 1450, which is quite competitive. 1470 will move you into the scale of new SAT places, whereas 1600 will make you move into the above-average level. All the students must take Admission to the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

Scores will be reported into the division of four sections:





Basic Requirements of Application Overview











Notable Alumni

Mark Zuckerberg who enrolled at Harvard in the year 2000 and launched the platform of Facebook from the set of college’s dorms! He was even dropped out during his start of sophomore year.

Natalie Portman also graduated from Harvard in the year 2003. She had studied psychology while she started her career in the “Star Wars” movies.

Conan O’Brien also graduated from Harvard in 1985. During the time of his college, he eventually wrote for humour magazine Harvard Lampoon. He is now running his late-night comedy show.

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