The trend of consumption upgrades is becoming more and more obvious

The male mask market is gradually growing. In 2017, the scale of my country's facial mask market has successfully exceeded the 20 billion mark, and the growth rate has continued to increase. Consumption upgrades High-end products are favored. All major brands started to build brand 'hard power', develop high-end products, and strengthen brand competitiveness. Now the mask market is not only for women, but also for the consumer market at the other end-for men. Three major development trends of the facial mask industry In recent years, new brands of facial mask products have continued to appear. How can a mask manufacturer stand out from the competition? Must follow the industry development trend.

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Chinese consumers no longer only demand 'low prices' for products, but value 'good quality'.6 billion yuan in 2017, a year-on-year growth rate of 10%. In 2017, the global market reached 464. The trend of consumption upgrades is becoming more and more obvious. From the perspective of growth rate, the growth rate of my country's cosmetics market has continued to decline from 2012 to 2015, and the growth rate has increased significantly in 2017, and there is huge room for future development.

During the same period, the growth rate of the Chinese cosmetics market has always been higher than the world average.8%. By 2023, the market size will exceed 45 billion yuan. Changes in consumption habits also provide a direction for brand upgrades. In recent years, the proportion of men's investment in skin care products has increased year by year.942 billion U. dollars. It is estimated that in the next five years, the average annual growth rate of my country's facial mask market is about 15%

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