What Size Interior Pine Doors Should You Use in Your Cabin?

Interior pine doors

right heights and widths

Factors to Consider When Selecting Pine Door Sizes

When making your cabin plans, you should take the following factors into consideration:

· Styles, heights, and widths of doors

· Thickness of doors and door jambs

· Jam/wall thickness

· Left or right swing door

· Double door/French door

· By-pass door or bi-fold door

Making all the correct decisions before construction can save time later because you won’t need to adjust the door openings.

“Since doors are opened and closed often, don’t scrimp on quality and you won’t be sorry”

Standard Sizes for Interior Cabin Doors

The height for all doors you walk through must be at least 80” while closet and utility doors can be shorter. Standard widths for interior doors are 24”, 28”, 30”, 32”, and 36” and doors for persons with disabilities must to 36” for them to pass through.

choosing and hanging

Use Smaller Doors for Closets, Pantries, and Utility Rooms

If you do not walk through closet, pantry, or utility room doors, you can use less wide and shorter ones. For areas that are reach-in only, you can go with 24” or 28” widths, and for walk-through openings 30” doors are recommended.

what you plan to store

In Summary, Make Accurate Plans

Cedar doors

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