Various types of plywood available in the Indian market

Interior decoration

Plywood is made by layers of wood, adhesive, resin, and glue. Every plywood is made up of all these compounds, but the difference is in the proportion of the compounds. Starting one by one below.

MR plywood:

MR plywood is moist resistance plywood. It is mostly used to make furniture. It is made by a type of wood and adhesive which is moist resist so the plywood becomes most resistant.

BWP plywood:

The full form of BWP is boiling waterproof plywood. It is not used for boiling water. Ha ha! It is named just to identify the category. It is also called Marine plywood. it is more often used to make a modular kitchen or kitchen furniture. It is also the most expensive and premium plywood available in the market. Here the sheet of wood plays a very major role to maintain this standard.

BWR plywood:

This plywood is called boiling water resistance plywood this is some category of BWP but the quality is slightly less and the price is also cheaper compared to BWP plywood.

It is also used to make modular kitchen and kitchen furniture.

FR plywood:

FR means fire resistant plywood. No plywood is fully fireproof indeed. But it can hold the time duration to burn itself. Adhesive and glue play a very major role here. One of the other segments is also available in the market which I discussed in the next paragraph.

FP plywood:

FP stands for fireproof ply I told early that no wood is explored yet which don't catch fire. So it is just to maintain the standard. We can say this kind of plywood holds long to not catch fire itself.

Sometimes it is used to make kitchen furniture for a modular kitchen.

Shuttering plywood:

One kind of plywood used in construction work or "Chhat Dhalai" is called shuttering plywood. It is not used to make furniture because it is very stiff and hard. So, making furniture with it creates problems for carpenters.

Architectural Grade Plywood:

The most chosen plywood is Architectural Grade Plywood this plywood is favourable to make almost every kind of bedroom and living room furniture.

Flexible Plywood:

The design and reality is a gap when it runs out of round shape in a design. So, Flexible Plywood fills the gap this plywood is flexible, so, when you have a round-shaped design it comes first to mind. here the adhesives and glue play a major role.

Difference by size:

In the Indian market mostly two sets of sizes are available one is 8'x4', 7'x4', 6'x4'.

And two is 8'x3', 7'x3', 6'x3.'

Also, on order, some manufacturers and dealers provide a special set of a size which is 5'x2'6", 4'x2'6".


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