Is Ayurvedic Serum The best Hair Serum?

Hair is the most noticeable part of one’s appearance and personality. It is a reflection of beauty in women and masculinity in men. No doubt, hair problems due to pollution, stress, and unhygienic routine steals an individual’s youthfulness. Everybody is looking for shampoo, oils, and the best hair serum so that they can maintain their hair health. Just a wash, weekly oiling, and comb are not adequate to have healthy, strong, and shiny hair. Haircare is important to avoid extensive damage and it needs proper grooming with the right hair care products. An individual’s hair condition indeed depends on genetics. But, we also cannot deny the role of our diet, weather, pollution, and the care we do for it.

Basic Tips to Maintain Hair Health

1. Don’t panic, if you lose 100 – 150 strands a day. It’s normal.

2. Wet hair is fragile and causes breakage. Comb them with a broad toothed brush gently. Don’t harshly use a towel to rub the hair.

3. The way you brush your hair is very important. An excessive comb can affect them. Be gentle to comb.

4. Trim them frequently after 10 – 12 weeks. It helps to avoid the rough split ends.

5. Avoid washing hair every day.

6. Get all Ayurvedic products instead of chemical-based.

7. Buy hair products that suit your hair type.

8. Apply some conditioner after wash and wash it with normal water.

9. Use Ayurvedic serum to avoid frizzy & dry hair and strengthen the scalp & hair.

10. Add protein, mineral, and vitamin-enriched foods to support healthy hair.

11. Workout on your stress. A happy mind gives healthy physical health.

12. Nourish your scalp from time to time.

Is Ayurvedic Serum Safe?

The serum is a liquid-based solution that helps to create a protective layer on the hair, smoothes the frizz, and gives a shiny look.  The right serum helps to solve multiple concerns, gives shines, repairs the damaged hair as well as protects from pollution.

Ayurvedic serum

A Formulation With Essential Herbs & Oils

Unique Blend of Herbs Supports Overall Hair Health

Provides Optimum Protection To Scalp

Enhances Follicles Strength

How does Ayurveda work for Hair?

Vata doshas

Ayurveda helps to manage this dosha by providing hydration and nourishment to the scalp & hair through organic hair serum and other products.

Pitta doshas

Ayurvedic serum and hair care products channelize enzymes and nutrients of the scalp and stop the inflammation, premature greying, and provide healthier hair texture.

Kapha doshas

Herbal products for hair support the scalp & follicle health manages the secretion of sebum and unclogs the hair follicles.

How to apply Ayurvedic Serum?

1. After shampoo and conditioner, it is applied to wet or towel-dried hair.

2. Pour a few drops of Scalp Strength Repairing Hair Serum on the palm and rub hands together.

3. Apply it from roots to the tip.

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