Upcoming K-Pop Comebacks [November]

(Does not include Japanese comebacks/debuts. Also does not include every solo artist or group comeback/debut as I may miss some!)


-Released: Obviously means the MV has been released.

-NEW: This is a newly announced comeback/debut with a date or timeframe given.

See October Here.

[November 1st]

BXK - NOYB [Debut] (Released)

[November 2nd]

AB6IX - Salute (Released)

BXK - Fly High [Debut] (Released)

They released two MVs for a debut.

Monsta X - Love Killa (Released)

Jung Jinwoo - Movie (Released)

[November 3rd]

Mamamoo - Aya (Released)

[November 4th]

Park Jihoon - Gotcha (Released)

Secret Number - Got That Boom (Released)

Their first comeback.

Girlkind - Psycho4U (Released)

Dahye - Bad Blood (Released)

Berry Good - Accio (Released)

[November 6th]

Treasure - MMM (Released)

Super Junior - The Melody (Released)

[November 9th]

Ha Sungwoon - Forbidden Island (Released)

Taemin - Idea (Released)

GFriend - Mago (Released)

[November 11th]

E'Last - Tears of Chaos (Released)

Their first comeback.

Jamie - Apollo 11 (Ft. Jay Park) (Released)

Lucy - Snooze (Released)

[November 12th]

Natty - Teddy Bear (Released)

Her first comeback.

StayC - So Bad [Debut] (Released)

Popular teen actress Park Sieun is a member of this group.

[November 13th]

Loren - Empty Trash [Debut] (Released)

Loren is under under YG's Black Label and was featured in Blackpink's 'Lovesick Girls' MV. There is also a rumor that he is the son of the Naver Corp's Owner.

(Naver owns many platforms such as Line, SNOW, Naver Webtoon, V Live, and the Naver search engine.)

[November 16th]

AKMU - Happening (Released)

BTOB 4U - Show Your Love (Released)

Btob's sub-unit.

[November 17th]

CNBlue - Then, Now and Forever (Released)

Bling Bling - G.G.B [Debut] (Released)

Momoland - Ready or Not (Released)

Aespa - Black Mamba [Debut] (Released)

SM's new girl group.

Woodz - Bump Bump (Released)

[November 18th]

Henry - Radio (Released)

[November 19th]

Bae173 - Crush on U [Debut] (Released)

Hangyul and Dohyon from H&D who were also previous members of X1 debuted in this group.

[November 20th]

BTS - Life Goes On (Released)

Taemin - Think of You (Released)

[November 23rd]

NCT U - 90's Love (Released)

Part of Resonance Pt. 2 (NCT 2020)

Got7 - Breath (Released)

This is a pre-release.

[November 24th]

woo!ah! - Bad Girl (Released)

This is their first comeback!

[November 26th]

PURPLE K!SS - My Heart Skip A Beat

This will be a Pre-Debut Release.

[November 27th]

NCT U - Work It

Part of Resonance Pt. 2 (NCT 2020)

Johnny, Yuta, Ten, Jungwoo, Hendery, Jaemin, JisungJohnny, Yuta, Ten, Jungwoo, Hendery, Jaemin, Jisung

Chung Ha - Dream of You (with R3HAB)

[November 30th]


The album will drop and the title track will too.

Kai [Solo Debut] (New)

Enhypen [Debut]

I-Land's final lineup will debut.

[To Be Announced Dates]

Orbit - Debut (November)

PURPLE K!SS [Debut] (December)

Victon (December 1st)

BoA (December 1st)

Katie (December 4th) (New)

IZ*One (December 7th)

Chungha (December 10th) (New)

This could potentially be IZ*ONE's last (Korean) comeback before they disband. It is rumored that they will disband in April of 2021 due to their contracts only being for 2 years. All the members will return to their respective companies.

T1419 [Debut]

Super Junior (December)


NTX [Debut] (2021)


Rose [Blackpink] - Solo Debut

Yoon [Winner]

YG New Girl Group - Debut

JTG ENT Boy Group - Debut

Mystic ENT Girl Group - Debut

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