What Is Walking Pneumonia And Its Types?

Walking pneumonia is the other kind of pneumonia. Maybe it sounds different? The symptoms of this pneumonia are similar to other pneumonia types. Atypical pneumonia is the name of walking pneumonia. And it happens because of mycoplasma pneumonia. The person who suffers from this pneumonia has a common cold and cough. But it is difficult to found that the person suffers from pneumonia because it takes up to 1 month to show its effects on the body.

Types of walking pneumonia

According to doctors, the walking pneumonia is caused by little different kind of atypical factors. These bacteria spread fast. In the atypical bacteria, there is some other kind of bacteria also available. There are types of walking pneumonia.

Mycoplasma Pneumonia

Mycoplasma is a common pneumonia that is found in the throat, nose, and windpipes of the suffering patient. It is merely found in children. The effect of this pneumonia is less than the walking pneumonia type. According to research, out of 50 persons, 10 persons suffer from this disease in the USA.

Chlamydial Pneumonia

According to a health report, every year mostly 300,000 children suffer from this disease, because it affects the school-aged children early. The symptoms of this pneumonia are the same as the mycoplasma pneumonia.

Legionella Pneumonia

Legionella pneumonia is the most dangerous type of walking pneumonia. It directly affects the respiratory system of the patient and because of this patient faces difficulty in taking a breath and maybe the patient dies. When this pneumonia is found, the patient has to be admitted to the hospital immediately. The symptom of this pneumonia is found in adults and every year moreover 5,000 people died because of this dangerous disease.

Treatments of walking Pneumonia

If you feel that you have a low infection then you can start your treatment at home by taking some precautions. This is called primary treatment. In other cases, you go to the hospital for proper treatment.

Treatment at home

The patient, who is suffering from pneumonia, has to drink lots of water and take fluid and healthy items in his/ her food.

The patient has to do rest as much as possible.

Stay away from other members of the family or live in a separate room and use all the hygienic things.

Medical treatment

If the patient’s condition is not well and home remedies and precautions don’t help him/ her. Then immediately visit the doctor and admit the patient there. The doctors give the best treatment and according to his/ her condition.

Hygiene Factors

In walking pneumonia, it is very important to take precautions. Also, it is mandatory to stay clean and hygiene. There are many factors to stay clean.

Use clothes that are clean and hygienic.

Use utensils that are fully clean and never share your utensils with others. Make sure the patients use separate utensils for eating food.

The room in which the patient rest is full dust free and clean and no one came to him again and again.

Use tissue papers when sneeze, cough, and throw them in dustbin immediately.

Keep the food in the hygienic place and always cover it.

Wash your hands after doing anything with soaps or hand washes.

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