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"I started developing an interest in programming algorithms around the second year of my computer science engineering.

We learnt how we could use it to solve all day-to-day problems that people face. Like how in Facebook, the underlying data structures and algorithms created by programmers help millions of people connect with each other.

After joining Scaler Academy, I got the opportunity to attend superb lectures and receive excellent mentorship throughout the course. I learnt a lot during the lectures from the instructors, and all the teaching assistants helped us understand the concepts better.

The peer community was so vibrant that any of us could seek help for whatever problems we had.

At Scaler, I had a mentor from Microsoft, Shouvik Roy, who was the catalyst in my progress. I was quiet and not much of a talker before I came to Scaler. He helped me become better at making conversations too.

Every time I get an opportunity, I recommend the program to my juniors in the field and from college. It's undoubtedly the best place to start in the field of coding, programming and algorithms."

Such warm words from our Scaler Ajay Chavda made our day.

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