Challenge #1: The Merit Badge

These challenges will be tough from the get go, so get ready for difficult shooting. The Challenge Snagging the official merit badge involves a three-part challenge—shooting a tight group, adjusting the sights to zero, then punching high-scoring holes in an NRA bull’s-eye. Step One: Decide on a preferred shooting position, either from a benchrest or supported prone, and set up an NRA smallbore or light rifle target 50 feet away. You have to fire five groups, with three shots per group, each of which can be covered by a quarter. Step Two: Adjust the sights to zero in the rifle. Get ready to sweat. Step Three: Fire five more groups, with five shots per group. No fliers and no excuses—every single shot has to meet or exceed these scores: NRA A-32 target: 9 NRA A-17 or TQ-1 target: 7 NRA A-36 target: 5 Advanced Challenge Stand up and man up. Get off the bench and shoot your group from a standing position.

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