Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai

My last card posted to vingle was two months ago, which is embarrassing considering I truly believed I would be able to keep up with posting during my time in China. I guess I should take it as a good sign that I have not had the time to post at all, as I have been insanely busy studying and traveling abroad. Though at the same time I feel guilty... so I will try my hardest to put up all my photos of China over the next two weeks or so!! But no promises. Pictured here is Yuyuan Garden, one of the most touristy bits of Shanghai. The feeling that I got in Yuyuan was similar to the feeling I get in Times Square– claustrophobic and uncomfortable. However in Yuyuan you have the added fear of being pick pocketed– Shanghai is known for its pickpockets. If you do go here, try to pick a less crowded day, although it is difficult! They have some great tea, sites, and touristy bits. I'm looking forward to posting more. I suppose then that for the next few weeks my posts will be mostly travel posts. I also went to South Korea a week ago! So I will be getting together my Korea photos for vingle as well :)

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