'The Organic House in Mumbai, India by The White Room'

"The Organic House is a 65 square meter apartment designed for a young couple and located in the Bandra suburb of Mumbai, India. The Vaulted design with the arched openings carve out spaces for kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms. The guest room was envisioned as part of the living space, separated with a folding screen when required. The all white and turquoise look add up to the scheme and vibe of the interiors. When designing this unconventional home, The White Room sought originality, mixed with a high dose of practicability. We really appreciate the uniqueness of this project, easy to spot within a few remarkable furniture elements: the contemporary living room sofa, vaulted ceilings with wooden frames, kitchen bar top with massive stone finish, organic-shaped carvings as shelving units and many more. Entering this apartment is like stepping into an organic living oasis, with plenty of space for rejuvenation. Find it as captivating as we do? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by The White Room]" [via freshome.com, full article there]

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