A Gentleman's Dignity ep 13 LIVE RECAP

Yisoo and Dojin love story and Jong Junhwa as guest TONIGHT LIVE!!!! CAST: Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin Kim Ha Neul as So Yi Soo Kim Su Ro as Im Tee san Kim Min Jong as Choi Yun(Yoon) Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Jung Rok Yun See Ya as Hong Se Ra Yun Jin Yi as Im Me Ahri Kim Jong Nan as Park Min Song ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The recap start now! Opening scene The 4 guys is drinking in bar. They were comforting Jungrok who just got heart broken. And then Yoon , then Dojin, then Teesan. They comforted with promise to introduce new girls. The last scene was Teesan went to military services. With only couple arounds them, They sent Teesan away with many good words, but Teesan ended up angry. Embarrased Teesa...poor you.. The continued scene in Yisoo's front house. Yisoo reacted with "why you said it in unrespected words" Yisoo was quite angry with dojin's word. She thinks it's too quick. Dojin said"eventough i have no confidence now, i have the will to try making u happy" Yisoo got in the house suddenly screaming. She was actually happy with Dojin's word. Sera who saw it asked what happened. After explaining it, Sera told Yisoo that in the opposite she broke up with Teesan for Teesan's good But Yisoo said, it's not appropriate ways to end things up. In the morning, In the school, test time Yisoo sent message to his students, sending them short warning not to cheat during test. Yisoo's fav student ended up flaking the test upsetting the ther teacher. Minsong was drinking in Jungrok's bar. The waiter sent warning message to Jungrok.MInsong just drink a little and pay full in cash for expensive alchohol. Jungrok who was in the entrance meet with Yoon and his coworker(woman) who was about to enter. Jungrok's coworker was acting really cool to Jungrok, making Jungrok upset. He called Ahri and told her where Yoon is Ahri went to the bar where Yoon and his coworker are. She just drank the soju in one shot ended up drunk, and said one two thing to Yoon's coworker Ahri asked the coworker to stay away from him. Ahri ended up losing conscious,Yoon was there to catch him. Yoon took Ahri in his car. He just thinking and thinking while stopping the car in the river. Ahri suddenly woke up saying" hey, if u don't plan to do anything, just took me home, i'm already awake and want to go to sleep" Teesan was also just arriving in the house when ahri and yoon arrived. Ahri got flustered when she saw her brother. She explained that Yoon took him home after found her drunk. Yoon also explained and just left. Teesan warned Ahri as soon as they got in the home. Ahri ended up angry and told Teesan to not interfere. Teesan said Yoon isn't for u. You can be happy, but Yoon can not. After being friend for 20 years, Teesan thinks, Ahri is not for Yoon. After hearing Teesan, Ahri broke in tears. And everything was heared by collin secretly. Back in Dojin's house. Dojin was sing happily while playing with threats fron Yisoo's red sweater. Yoon come home and told Dojin about Sera and Teesan breaking up. Dojin and Jungrok come to the office and confronted Teesan who look like suffering. Dojin and JUngrok went to outdoor sport wear shop. Dojin was wondering why Yisoo still not contacing him Sera was meeting with her sponsor in Jungrok's cafe Ahri saw everything. Sera was explaning to the sponsor what technique she is lacking. The sponsor said the problem was not her technique. Ahri suddenly come and defensed her. She asked the sponsor to help her. The sponsor ended up just left the cafe. Sera aasked if Ahri want to eat together but Ahri refused. Sera accepted a call outside. looks like she is in trouble with money. Yisoo was at home, lasering her leg (there's a tool to clean the leg's hair which looks like hair dryer) Sera got in, Yisoo just continued without looking . Sera said i come with Dojin. Yisoo who was shocked, ended up pretending she is drying her hair because embarrased. Yisoo went to room, Dojin also followed. Before he went in, he told Sera Teesan was in bad condition, putting medicine paste in his body. Dojin who got into the room was welcomed with cute. In lovey dovey situation. Yisoo ended promising dinner with Dojin. After dojin left the room, Yisoo got a call. Yisoo got out of the room, and told Dojin she got called by other teacher and had to left him Dojin can see that Yisoo was lying Yisoo was meeting with 2 guys(look like mafia) in cafe. the 2 guys was saying things about Yisoo's mother. But Yisoo said coldly she has no mother. (I think it's money trouble) Yisoo got out the cafe and broke to tears. Dojin suddenly come and said sorry to follow her and told her the story when she's ready. Yisoo ended saying hungry with smile Teesan was in hair salon. The girl next to him was crying while asking to be cut short. She was heart broken. Teesan also asked to be cut short. Jungrok found Teesan drinking in his bar. Jungrok come and told him he will introduce him to another girl. Teesan told Jungrok that Sera didn't want to get married. Jungrok said there is another girl in this world. But Teesan ended angry andsaid how do he know Maybe Sera is the one for him Teesan was hitting softball in the practice field (that's how he got hurt and put paste around his body) Sera saw it with sad face. Collin was seeing some picture in Teesan's house. When he heard the door's noise, he quickly got back cleaning the floor. As usual he and Ahri got into small fight. In the morning. They 4 guys ate lunch together. The guys asked how Jungrok will fix his problem with his wife. Jungrok said not to worry. Jungrok asked for Ahri's help in the cafe. he threatened with using all the towel and not to tell about yoon in the future. She quickly contaced Minsong. She meet with Minsong in the gallery. Minsong know Ahri was sent by Jungrok but Minsong just laughed and understand. Ahri suddenly got called from Collin. Minsong asked about him and Ahri ended telling her about collin being the first love's son Minsong asked if it's also Jungrok's first love. Ahri tried to say no. But Minsong asked if it's Eunhee. Minsong just went straight to JUngrok And asked coldy if Collin is his son. Jungrok said no with panic. Jungrok met with the 3 guys and told them to send back Collin back to Japan. The 4 guys asked Collin directly if he thinks one of the guys is his father. Collin said not and said he will be back to Japan tomorrow. Dojin ended up taking Collin for one night and promised to take him to airport the next day. Collin asked Dojin about his feeling for his mother. But dojin said coldly and say his mother was becoming bad woman in the end Collin was lying in the bed, looking at the 4 guys's photo imagining one of the is the father If it's teesan, his aunt is Ahri. Don't even want to think Jungrok as the father. And if it's Yoon, the new mother ' ahri will make his happy. And If it's Dojin's he will be happy. Yoon found Dojin playing with the red threat. Dojin ended telling Yoon,he will propose. Yoon ended up teasing him. The other teacher want to set Yisoo with men. But yisoo said she has girlfriend. the other teacher doesn't believe. Dojin was waiting in front of the school, making Yisoo happy. Dojin also put the seatbelt for Yisoo making her embarrased. Dojin and Yisoo was having lunch, when CN blues'YOnghwa got into the restaurant. Yisoo said "ah my yonghwa" dojin was getting jealous. Yisoo called Yonghwa, he was her student before. Dojin was jealous, interupting yisoo and Yonghwa's conversation , sing bigbang song On the way out, Yisoo said she doesn't want to live with Dojin she was to date Dojin and being heartthrobed. Dojin was teasing her but they ended up being happy. Sera was in practice, concern with her money probllem. Sera called here and there even trying to sell her car. Sera ended up asking Minsong for help.(still with her high pride) Minsong said okay easily. Sera ended up giving her car as guarantee. Dojin was picking up Collin but didn't find him. he met the other guys in the cafe and discussing what's next. they asked Ahri if Collin contacted her. Ahri said something about singing ...The 4 guys know where he is and just ran out. Collin was singing in the playground (Hongdae playground) the 4 guys found him. ( I don't know that collin can sing that well.........) the 4 guys was getting angry to Collin. Collin ended up saying his intention coming to Korea was to find his father. And it was one of the 4 guys. He asked them which one is it? THE END Next episode preview: Minsong told Yisoo, Ahri and Sera about the probability one of the 4 guys being Collin's father. Ahri said not to worry to Yoon telling him she will be a good mother. Minsong confront Jungrok about it. Yisoo and Dojin was on another date, with a ticket plane involved Sera meet with Teesan and told him she miss him And Eunhee come in Korea. And also Collin asking for DNA test Who do u think is the father?

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