[LIVE RECAP] Time Slip Dr.Jin Ep 14

Live recap ENDED Is anyone reading this? Should I continue doing the live recap? ------------------------------------------------------- Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and like + comment below~~~ <b>Legend</b> Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk: JH Park Min Young as Yoo Mi Na / Hong Young Rae: MN/YR Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak: KT Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung: HE Lee So Yeon as Choon Hong: CH ----------------------------------------------------------- JH is packing up and about to leave the palace. KT came to warn him about something. JH leaves and KT calls him back. They argue in front of the gate. JH refuses to do what KT advises him and just leaves. KT looks at him in disbelief. Minister Kim is talking to the royal physician about the King's health. The royal physician doesn't like Minister Kim much and holds his ground. The King is in pain. The royal physician is so helpless; he cannot do anything. He tries to move the king but got kicked in the stomach by him. He goes out and sees JH. The royal physician has his pride and doesn't want to accept JH's help. The gang leader guy is doing a happy dance in a room where CH and another of his underling is present as well. CH looks like she's thinking about something hard. CH is thinking of a plan/scheme. YR is sleeping. She has a dream where she's dressed as MN and looking over the modern landscape of Seoul from the hospital rooftop. She saw JH in his doctor's outfit and calls out to him but he doesn't answer and just leaves as if he doesn't see her. YR woke up and wonder what the dream is about. Next morning she's in a room with her mother and asks her something (that might give her a clue about the dream). She went to the clinic and talks to Heo Gwang. JH goes meet Minister Kim. JH asks M.Kim for help. He leaves the room and meets KT. It seems these guys will enter yet another duel. HE is at the palace looking at the scenery when an official comes and report to him about the king's condition. HE suddenly laughs feeling the right time is coming? JH is examining the King with the royal physician by his side who keeps talking. He tells him to be quiet which makes the physician unhappy. JH suspects it's some sort of stomach ulcer and asks the King questions to make sure. He finally knows the cause of the king's stomach pain. JH and royal physician along with HE and other ministers gather in the Queen Dowager's room and discuss about the King's illness. QD seems to have great trust in JH who explains what needs to be done to save the King. JH reveals something about the King's illness which shocks everyone. Poor king is in great pain. QD is upset at JH's words refusing to believe such thing could have happened to the King. Was he poisoned? M.Kim suggests something daring to QD and urges her to listen to him. She asks HE. HE also suggests something to QD which makes other ministers look at him in shock. He looks at QD with eyes full of confidence. Next scenes soldiers go around to people's houses demanding something. JH draws up some sort of machinery needed to operate on the King. Royal physician doesn't like what he's seeing. JH meets with other officials and asks them to go under a blood test? As the king's operation might need blood transfusion. HE's son wants to help the king to but JH doesn't let him. HE doesn't look happy. YR is sitting by the lake thinking deeply about something. KT comes to see her. KT gives her a letter (from Dr. Jin?). I'm curious what's gonna happen to KT in the end. He's the saddest character in this drama. KT leaves then turns around look at YR's back and smiles sweetly. YR suddenly got a chest pain but KT didn't notice. JH explains to the royal physicians about blood types and stuff. Then the king's blood is extracted and they try to see how to tell different blood types through a machinery that JH devised. An official reports to QD. It seems they're trying to make her become distrust JH. JH tries to assure the king about his OP. The King really trusts JH. JH thinks about his convo with the king before when he examined him. Poor king, he seems like a good king, reminds me of King Jae Kang in K2H :( . JH starts to OP by putting the king to sleep. At YR's home everything is busy. A stranger walks by and look at YR's mom. He lifts up his hat and it's Y.hwi!!!???! He's in tear looking at his mom. She saw him leaving but of course didn't know it was her son. JH inserts the needles to HE's arm and starts the blood transfusion. HE lies down next to the sleeping king and starts saying something. He can help the king because he shares the same blood. JH thinks about something of history. They cut open a side of his stomach and starts the OP. KT comes to report to M. Kim who is standing outside watching the rain. They talk about the King's OP. M.Kim doesn't mind much the fact that HE is the one saving the King. It seems he got sth up his sleeves again. YR feels pain in her breast but doesn't know why. She remembers what Ch told her before. Her servant and mom came in happily but YR doesn't feel well and asks her what's wrong. Her mom notices something strange about her brother. The OP is pretty realistic. The took out an intestine? Suddenly JH notices HE becomes unconscious. He comes over and checks on HE. He's seems fine and urges him to contniue the OP. The OP is successful. CH and other gisaeng are walking on the street. Yhwi comes and pulls her to some alley. CH is surprised at first but stays calm as usual. HE wakes up in some room. JH comes to inform him the OP is a success and he should rests more. HE says something mean to JH which makes him look down but HE then laughs saying it's just a joke. HE holds JH's hand and looks at JH with complete trust (oh bromance). JH thanks him. CH takes Yhwi back to the brothel. I knew he would be alive! CH asks how has he been doing. Yhwi seems a bit different. It seems he hasn't given up on his belief and is planning sth now. The king has woken up. JH and royal physician are there. The king thanks JH. HE is having dinner with CH, the gang leader and another minister. It looks like HE has earned the trust of both QD and the King. HE LOLs. He says this is just beginning of his plan. Heo Gwang comes to talk to JH. HG warns JH about sth and JH wonders how he knows. JH runs to YR's house and sees her there. YR says long time no see. JH is worried about YR. She's about to leaves but he holds her back grabbing her arm. She starts leaving despite him calling after her. The king is all better now. He's having an audience with HE and other ministers. The royal physician says sth but the King just scoffs at him. He bestow HE sty which M.Kim tries to stop him. He urges the King to take back his royal command. The king suddenly holds his stomach like he's in pain but he's just joking saying he's completely healed now. HE is smiling. They leave the King's room and M.Kim warns HE but HE of course isn't afraid. KT meets JH who tells him about YR's illness. KT is enraged. Looks like only things related to YR can make the level-headed KT goes out of control. YR can be saved but her breasts have to be cut off. M.Kim is upset and angry at HE. QD is having audience with HE. QD totally trusts HE. KT meets with YR and tells her to have the OP. She says she doesn't have any illness. KT gently scolds her. he probably reminds her that she still has her mom to take care of so she has to live on. YR goes see JH and agrees to be examined. KT is outside walking around worried. JH and YR are in the room. YR slowly takes off her top while JH looks away. Looks like a wedding night hehe. JH presses her chest checking. YR is in tears (why?). Then he feels something hard and asks if it hurts. She says it doesn't. He presses another place and asks if it hurts and she says it does. JH makes his conclusion but YR doesn't care for more she starts putting on her clothes. JH tells her she has some sort of malicious bump in her breasts and would need OP but that would mean he has to cut off her breast? YR is tearful and refuses to have the OP even though JH tries to persuade her. They come out and KT asks what's the result. JH says she's fine which makes KT super happy. He thanks JH. KT says he'll take her home and take her away. YR looks sadly at JH as KT pulls her away. JH is drinking alone by himself when HE and CH comes to see him. HE teases how rare it is to see him drinking like this. HE tells CH to pour them more wine. JH wonders about life and what he can do and can't do to help people. YR is at home, unable to sleep, looking at her bridal dress and accessories (huh??). She has a dream again when she's MN. She looks at her ID and flashback of her accident and JH telling her she cannot give up and so on appears. YR is sweating hard and wakes up as if she just has a nightmare. She cries remembering everything and says sorry. She cries a lot. So like MN's soul time slips here? JH wakes up in a room in the brothel. CH brings him some drink that helps with hangover. He stands up to leave even though CH tells him he should rest. CH tells JH sth about YR which upsets him. CH tries to hold him back and he yells at her saying she's a bad woman (?). JH runs to see KT who is in his groom outfit about to go to YR's house. JH tells him YR has a malicious tumor in her breast. KT starts running to YR's house. Her mother calls her but she doesn't answer. They comes in her room but she's not there. The bridal dress is still there. CH walks outside with her servant and sees YR standing alone with her bag. CH orders her servant to leave and comes to talk to YR. YR asks with tearful eyes who she is. CH is shocked. CH doesn't know how to answer but it seems she knows about the truth. Perhaps YR also time slips (her soul that is?). It ends with YR crying and yelling at the shocked CH END No preview

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