2013 Cannes Lions Gold : BUILDING THE PEOPLE'S CAR : Volkswagen

●Creative Execution This campaign dramatically changed how Volkswagen interacts with its customers. Audiences got to watch their ideas come to life in the “Building the People’s Car” 10-part online series. The series was also accompanied by the People’s Choice, a digital poll that invited viewers to vote for their favorite designs each episode. For the finale, Volkswagen unveiled the People’s Car at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. The People’s Car – the first car created by the people, for the people – became a call to the automotive industry to revolutionize how cars should be made in the future. ●Creative Solution to the Brief/Objective. Volkswagen created a 10-part online series where they invited the top automotive design students in China to compete and build the People’s Car. This was a collaboration between two design universities, Volkswagen’s Director of Design, leaders from various creative fields (a pop idol, a filmmaker, and a fashion designer). Every episode, the call-to-action “vote to influence the People’s Car design” fueled viewer participation and discussion. Volkswagen unveiled the concept car – an MPV that seats 7 people – at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. A commercial showcased how the people’s ideas integrated into the innovative features of the People’s Car. ●Results The 10-part online series averaged 1.2 million viewers per episode, boosting the rate of new followers on social media by 300%.* The People’s Car became a top 10 trending topic on Weibo (China’s Twitter).** As a result, Volkswagen purchase intent increased by 18%.* The People’s Car was the first Volkswagen created by the people of China. With 260,000 user ideas inspiring its final design, the People’s Car became the biggest crowdsourced product in history.*** * Source: PCP User Database Report, 2013 ** Source: Sina Weibo Daily Trending Topics Ranking, Feb 27th, 2013 *** Source: T+D Reporting and Analytics The Case study titled BUILDING THE PEOPLE'S CAR [video] was done by PROXIMITY BEIJING, CHINA advertising agency for product: Volkswagen (brand: Volkswagen) in China. It was released in the May 2013.

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