Hildebrandt HeadBanger Lure

The Hildebrandt HeadBanger is a buzzbait, and you know those bass can't resist a nice loud buzzbait! These are especially great to throw out in autumn to lure the bass in shallow cover or creek pockets where bass might be schooling in the grasses. This is a buzz bait that may not always work in areas of high vegetation, but when it works, it really works and gets you a whole lot of tight lines. Depending on the water and weather conditions, too, you'll want to alternate the color from white, to chartreuse, or even black. The Hildebrandt HeadBanger makes a real loud sound because the blade strikes the tin head at the top; it sounds a bit like tin cans clanging together. It can be pulled real fast, or even slowed down. It won't fail you slow, either, since the tail and hollow and traps air, which keeps it suspended in the water even when you're retrieving real slow. This buzzbait is particularly nice because the tin doesn't wear down like other buzzbaits might, and the tubular shaped tail doesn't interfere with the "sound making" portion of the lure.

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