Best Bass Fishing Rigs: Suspending Jerkbaits in Cold Conditions

The suspended jerkbait was once a secret known only to the pros, mostly due to the fact that they had to be made by hand, but now these baits can be bought in the store, and you can get the perfect rig for cold water bass fishing. Most bass rigs are ideal for not cold conditions; they are moved in a way that creates vibrations to lure the bass to them. In cold conditions though you know that bass ain't chasing it. It will bite a half-dead minnow right in front of it. Which is why the suspended jerkbait works so well. When temperatures drop, many fish like shad can't handle it and they die, leaving lots of dead fish floating that bass love to feed on because its an easy meal. The suspended jerkbait imitates that, and the bite will come when it's just hanging. You can dead-stick it: cast it out, crank it down to its max depth (usually only a 4 to 6 ft range), and then let it sit for as long as you can bear. If that's not working, you can crank it down, twitch it, let it rest, twitch it, let it rest, or move it in sideways or downward strokes while also letting it rest. It's all in how the fish are feeling but the main thing is that less really is more in ideal suspended jerkbait conditions. If you're gonna try this, make sure to choose a good color for the sky conditions. Also, find a vertical drop to hang out on just like the bass like to do in the cold weather. And don't forget: SLOW DOWN and check out the video on slide #3 for even more tips.

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