Choose a thesis topic: useful tips for Australian students

The choice of the research topic is limited by a certain framework, and on the other hand, implies the possibility of active student participation.

There are several strategies for choosing a topic:


The student himself offers a diploma topic. This option does not contradict the first strategy since, in the process of working on coursework, various facets of a scientific problem are revealed to the student. The topic of the thesis research should be specific, narrow enough, so there is almost always the opportunity to independently choose the line on which attention will be paid during writing a diploma.

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The teacher himself chooses the topic of the thesis, he determines the final wording. 

So, what is the best way to choose a diploma topic on your own?

If you plan to independently determine the topic of the study, and your supervisor has no objection you have to justify it in front of a science professor and a department and then do not regret it.

Use the following tips:

Choose a topic close to your research. Consider the material you already have obtained during working on coursework and practical.

Analyze the state of the sources on the proposed topics, assess the complexity of future practical research. Estimate by eye whether there are enough materials on the topic you are interested in and whether there will be difficulties in the implementation of practical measures. 

To make writing a diploma a fascinating task, identify the most interesting moments for you in the subject area on which you will work. It is on these points and focuses your attention, specifying the topic of the diploma.

analytical review

Consult with the supervisor, listen to his opinion on the relevance of certain issues that can be raised within the framework of the outlined topics.

Having done this work, sketch out a few options for topics. And then analyze each.

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