The China National Traditional Orchestra, A True Delight!

This piece is so beautiful it almost moved me to tears! I thought it was time to spotlight a sample of several Chinese traditional instruments together in action--with some singing! Founded in Beijing in 1960 by the composer Li Huanzhi, the China National Traditional Orchestra is China's largest traditional orchestra. The orchestra, with its choir and ensemble of traditional Chinese instruments, is directed by Chen Xieyang, who has become its permanent conductor. Its repertoire provides a good overview of Chinese traditional music, while taking in influences from contemporary Chinese music, western classical music, and other forms of music from around the world. Since it was first created, the orchestra has been invited to play across the globe. The program from this specific show is as follows: - LIU Xing, "Yunnan Huiyi", Concerto for zhongruan & orchestra - TAN Dun, "Huo Ji", Concerto for erhu & orchestra - LIU Dehai, "Tian E", Concerto for pipa & orchestra - ZHANG Xiaofu, "Yongchun san zhang", Concerto for dizi & orchestra - ZHOU Hang, "Fo Tiao Qiao", for orchestra

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