What is virtual reality?

What is a VR headset

There are many models of VR helmets, the technology is the same: there are two small monitors in front of your eyes, the picture on them reacts to head turns or movements in space as if you saw real objects. Due to this, the user is more deeply involved in what is happening in the virtual space, can look in all directions and in some cases even interact with virtual objects.


The simplest and most widespread product that was designed to make virtual reality cheap is cardboards and their more complex counterparts. Some representatives of our industry also call them VR-glasses, thus separating them from VR-helmets. So, this is the lens box into which the phone is inserted. A built-in gyroscope tracks head movements. The phone screen is programmatically divided in half, each half shows an image for its own eye, and, it would seem, virtual reality is obtained.

Virtual Reality development

Budget VR Headsets

Such helmets have the same functionality as cardboards - they only track turns and head rotation, but not movement in space. Technically speaking, they have three degrees of freedom - 3 DOF. Unlike smartphones, they track efficiently and flawlessly. They are great for watching 360 videos and simple apps. In addition to the helmet itself, the kit includes at least 1 controller as standard - in fact, a remote control whose movement is also tracked. The controller interacts with the menu and virtual objects.

Important features: do not require a connection to a computer, i.e. there are no wires when using. At the same time, they are limited in time of use by the capacity of the battery. They are also severely limited in the "realism" of 3D graphics - a small lightweight helmet will not fit powerful hardware capable of handling complex graphics. Virtual worlds in such helmets are always "cartoonish".

Computer powered VR helmets

Such helmets are also called VR headsets - because all calculations are carried out on a computer, and the helmet simply displays a picture (not entirely simple, but these are technical details). Due to this, we get a much higher level of graphics, up to realistic on the most powerful computers. Most often, the helmet is connected to the computer with a wire, and some models use additional external sensors.

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