VDJ Noke House Allkind Miniset (Deorro Special) 2014-05-02

얼마전 Deorro 가 내한왔었죠~ 그래서 이번에는 Deorro 스페샬로 꾸며보았습니다 ~ Enjoy ~ 01.Deorro - Five Hours 02.Deorro - Lose It 03.Deorro - Bootie In Your Face 04.Deorro - Dechorro Party Break (Anthem Kingz Fatman Scoop Vs Deorro Peakhour) 05.Pharell And Deorro - Happy Yee (Beatbreaker Bootleg) 06.Diplo x Steve Aoki x Deorro x Steve Bays x 2 Live Crew x DJ Deville - Freak (Party Starter)

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