Why You Should Invest in Esports, What are the advantages of Esports Business

What are the real advantages of the esports business, which only sponsors competing game players?

Some people, maybe some people who don't understand the development of esports, will think that this business is detrimental.

But lately more and more people have invested in the development of the esports field. This is not surprising, if you look at the development of the esports world, the money circulating in 2019 alone amounts to US $ 2 billion. Certainly a very high number for an emerging business.


Coupled with the discourse that in 2020 esports will become one of the branches contested at the Asian Games in China. Then more and more investors are investing in the world of esports, which is one of the characteristics of the esports business, which has a lot of interest and is getting mature.

Advantages of Esports Business

Why do you have to invest in esports, will you make a lot of money, and will the business be maintained? That's about the question of people who will start investing their money in the world of esports. So from that we will explain the benefits.

1. The number of fans of esports

If you want to introduce the brand to many people, then there is nothing wrong with sponsoring one of the esports teams in Indonesia. In terms of the development of the esports world, Indonesia itself is very good.

More and more people want to participate in the esports world competition. So investing in an esports team will be very profitable. The data shows that every day enthusiasts from the world of esports are increasing.

2. Make marcendais

Indeed, currently there are no spectators who really support the esports teams competing. This cannot be compared to football which already has such fanatical supporters that they are willing to spend money to buy things from its support team.

But seeing a significant development, it is very possible to happen. You will be able to sell jerseys, or other items to fanatical supporters.

One of the efforts made so that the audience can become loyal supporters is by playing the right match. And what is certain is that you must compete seriously, you must not be arbitrary, you must win frequently.

3. The development of esports

There are some investors who say that the world of esports will advance, and perhaps surpass the world of football in the next 10-15 years.

For now, maybe investment in the world of esports has not shown a large amount of profit. But with these developments, it is possible that the investment value in an esports team will be as expensive as the investment value in the world of football.

4. Esports business risks

Every business entity certainly has risks in it, including the esports business world. You will find the risk of the esports business, even if it's only very small.

One of the risks in the world of esports is due to the rapid development. So that you will find new teams every week, new tournaments and even a lot of sponsors that flood esports.

Because of this development, some economists say that if there is too much growth in sponsorships, the team that plays it will make the world of the esports business not develop properly.

Moreover, the sponsors never pay attention to the ecosystem climate in esports, they only think about looking for profit. This will have fatal consequences in its further development.

Indeed, every business that will be developed must have risks involved in it. If esports is growing too fast it won't be good for the business climate either. Likewise, if it never develops, it will get negative things because it doesn't bring profit.

For this reason, all lines must maintain the climate of esports in accordance with reasonable business flows. The players must develop their skills in playing, as well as the sponsors must think about the development of the players, from the junior to the senior generation.

The advantages of the esports business are enormous, but players in the world of esports must try their best to achieve a healthy and not bankrupt business.

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