UVERworld Documentary

It’s been revealed that UVERworld’s documentary film, ‘THE SONG‘, will be released in theaters across Japan! This news was announced on July 7th during UVERworld’s concert at Yokohama Arena. A trailer for the movie was also revealed at this concert. ‘THE SONG’ will focus on UVERworld’s live concerts and what goes on behind the scenes. It will feature footage of where the members first met, the town they lived in upon moving to Tokyo, and the benefactor who made their debut possible. It will also contain footage from their concert on April 25th at Saga B-FLAT as well as the members’ interviews. The film will be directed by Nakamura Teppei, who has previously teamed up with UVERworld for their “BABY BORN & GO” and “KINJITO” PVs. Advanced tickets will be available at participating theaters starting July 13th.

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