Finding the Right Personal Accident Lawyer

accident attorney in Sacramento

personal injury lawyer in Sacramento

Questions to ask

Here are a few questions that you must not miss before hiring a lawyer. Go ahead only after you have satisfactory answers to all or most of these:

● Experience of the lawyer in handling the cases similar to that of yours.

● The expectation in terms of compensation in the event of winning the case.

● Who will be working on the case?

● Will the case go to trial?

● For how long has the lawyer handled personal injury cases?

● How long does it take to resolve cases similar to yours?

● What will be your role in the case?

The above questions and other similar ones give you a good idea of how the law firm can help you.

Sooner the better

Start with searching for a good lawyer as early as possible, better within a week or two, after the accident. If your medical or physical condition does not allow you, ask a friend, family member, or relative to help you here. As early as your lawyer starts working on your case, the better it is.

Lawyers’ specialization

Sacramento Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The first meeting with the lawyer

It is a vital aspect, as a face to face meeting with your prospective lawyer will help in resolving several doubts and make you feel comfortable with the lawyer. Your lawyer will be your trusted advisor in these difficult times, and building full trust in him is vital. This sit-down discussion will have far-reaching benefits.

Hiring on a contingency fee

In the contingency fee structure, your lawyer will not get paid unless you get paid. His fees will come from the money that you will get from your insurance agencies. Now, this can be anything between 33% to 40% of the final settlement. Gaining a clear understanding of the payment structure is vital before signing the retainer agreement.

Seek professionalism

Avail services of professional lawyers instead of the ones who chase ambulances, and try to get as many personal injury cases as possible. Such lawyers try to settle these cases quickly, and their only emphasis is to churn money out of you. These lawyers will also lack a sincere approach while dealing with your case.

Things to remember

You need to be completely honest with the lawyer while having discussions regarding the case. Any documentation or pictures related to your lawsuit will be of immense help. Also, never give a recorded statement to a representative of the insurance company or anyone else without consulting your lawyer.

Our law firm has 25 years of experience working with clients. Do you have any legal issues? And want to hire a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento then contact us today for a free consultation - (916) 713-7648.
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