Signs You May Need to See A Physical Therapist

Physical therapy (or physiotherapy) is commonly prescribed to athletes for rehabilitation purposes. However, the modern lifestyle has increased the need for physiotherapists. This is why physiotherapists now form the third-largest group of certified health practitioners after doctors and nurses.

While concerns like back pain and neck pain have become common among young people today, it can be hard to understand when one should visit a physical therapist or if there is even a need to do so. Below are the tell-tale signs that indicate the need for physiotherapy.

Experiencing a sharp, localized pain which is consistent or keeps recurring

One may experience body pain due to several reasons such as sleeping in an uncomfortable position, working on the computer for long hours, tiring gym sessions, or conditions like indigestion and menstrual cycle. Such pains are short-lived and can be treated by home remedies. However, if a person experiences acute pain in a particular body part and the pain does not tend to ease using common remedies, they should consider seeing a physical therapist. Physical therapists can diagnose the condition after assessing the quality and limitations of body movements. They then plan a treatment course accordingly including methods such as functional exercise and manual therapy.

Sustaining a physical injury

Gaining normal physical movement after sustaining an injury can take substantial time. Therefore, after receiving the necessary medical treatment, seeing a physiotherapist can help the patient recover faster. The sooner physiotherapy is received, the quicker and better are the outcomes.

Undergoing surgery


Reduced muscle strength and function

A diet lacking nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to reduced muscle strength and function. Physical therapists can check the patient’s biomechanics to identify deviations and inefficiencies in their form and follow a treatment plan accordingly.

The Bottom Line

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