Holography in flexible packaging is the next revolutionary smart solution. Take security solutions or attractive packaging; holography in packaging renders a lot of benefits. It is a technique for recording information about an optical wavefront by interfering it with a reference coherent wave. With the help of flexible holographic packaging, it is possible to enclose virtually anything, and it is very versatile in nature.

How Do They Work?

With the help of holographic technology, 3D effects or images can be displayed. You can achieve the holographic effect by metalizing the substrate’s surface with a thin layer of aluminium and then emboss the holographic pattern onto the surface.

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Holographic film is a very thin, flexible plastic film made of Polyester (PET), Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) and Nylon (Bonyl) layers which is micro-embossed with patterns, designs or even images. Pattern or an image is created by an embossing process which can provide a remarkable 3-D effect and rainbow coloring.

The embossing process is akin to cutting tiny grooves into the films surface at various angles and in different shapes. These micro-embossed grooves cause the deflection of normal white light into stunning spectral color. This process is free from use of crystal prism

Holographic films

Holographic films can also be laminated to sealable films to make form, fill and seal roll stock packaging or premade flexible bags. It can also be used to laminate to paper or card stock to make consumer packaging and specialty gift boxes and bags and can also be used for giving a glazed effect on metallic balloons.

Holographic polyester films (PET) can also be coated with special adhesives to make holographic hot stamping foils for decorative application to paper or card stock.

Holographic packaging is unique in nature, and offers unending customization. A lot of companies opt for holographic packaging as it is aesthetically appealing and makes the product speak for themselves on the retail shelves.

With the growing cases of counterfeit packaging, which is now a pervasive issue and detrimental to business and consumer’s interest, especially in case of pharmaceutical products, the role of Holography as an anti-counterfeiting solutions becomes more crucial.

It is noteworthy that several companies depend heavily on holographic labels, hot-stamped patches, seals, blister pack foils in order to protect the integrity of their brand and services in order to fight the counterfeiting forces.

World’s leader in flexible packaging materials and solutions UFlex, provides holographic packaging solutions to their customers across sectors. The company develops anti-counterfeiting solutions for brands to fight counterfeiting forces that helps them safeguard business interest.

Their main objective is to develop, produce, and market holographic products that add to product’s aesthetics and create a unique distinction from the look alike fake products.


1.Hologram with 2D Barcode for Track ‘n’ Trace

2. Holographic Self-Adhesive Security Labels with Registered lens

3.Multi-colored stamping foil for paper & board, textile, plastic, Leather, Digital application, and document authentication (Hot & Cold stamping foil)

4.Holographic Films (UV / HRI / Soft embossed / Hard embossed / Registered / Fresnel Lens Film)

5.Holographic transparent BOPP film for Document & carton lamination

6. Transparent Thermal film & Metallized Holographic Films, Soft-touch film, DC Special effect film & Cast ‘n’ Cure film

7. Holographic Metallized Paper & Paperboard

8.Textile Value Addition Products (Sequins/Hot Melt/ Glitter/ Fancy Yarn Film)

9. Security Documents, Cheque Books, Mark sheet & Certificates

Holographic PVC blister / Aluminium foil / Alu-Alu for pharmaceuticals

Holographic Pouches

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