How to Add Admin to Facebook Page?

Do you want to add admin to your Facebook page and looking for the right details about the process for doing it? Facebook permits the registered user to add a team of people who can manage their personal or a brand page according to their need.

The different people you add in your Facebook page gets the different level of permission and the person with the most higher permission is called admin. Moreover, the correct procedure for adding an admin to your Facebook page is explained below.

· First of all, login to your Facebook account and then access the settings

· Then from the settings navigate towards Page roles tab and a new page will open

· After that, you have to select Assign a new page role option

· Then start typing the name of person you wish to assign your page and choose a person

· Next tap on menu next to the name of person you have chosen and select Admin option

· Then a pop up with reminder that if you are adding an admin they get same permission to make changes as you will show

· After writing the name of admin click add button and re-enter password for confirmation

· Then under exiting roles the name of person will appear as pending until they accept role

· After that once the admin accepts \ the role you can see their name under existing roles

add admin to Facebook Page

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