How to look for the best analytics course for yourself

In view of the current market situation a career in data analytics and maybe subsequently in data science and AI is a terrific option. With the number of data science openings increasing on a quarterly basis there can hardly be any argument about the practicality of this decision. However, the determination of the best course for you to start with deserves some time and attention. Since the online mode of education has become the norm, we would be discussing mostly keeping that medium in mind.

Choosing the area

When we say data science or analytics, we actually refer to a wide array of tools and technologies that are needed to perform various jobs in these fields. There are multiple different paths that you may wish to tread but clarity is of the essence.

Where do you come from?

If you happen to have a comprehensive training in computer science or in mathematics you can probably jump straight into some data science programme. Whereas if you are coming from a different place - economics, sociology, or bio-technology, there should not be any lack of scope for you in data analytics but you might have to start from a different point.

Where do you want to get?

What purpose do you want your data analytics diploma or degree to serve? Are you an entrepreneur who is trying to make the most of the small inhouse datasets? Or are you an IT professional looking for a change of stream into data analytics?

The answers to these questions will help you choose a course which is tailor made for you.

Choosing an institute

This may sound like the easy part but sadly it is not. The number of online and offline institutes that offer analytics training has gone up significantly over the last decade. There is a lot to think about before choosing an institute.

University degree vs collaborative courses

If you are ready to dedicate a couple of years and a fair amount of money for a university degree, good for you. But if you are looking for industry relevant training straight from professionals you must lean towards private institutes that provide certifications in collaboration with universities or major companies. For instance, AnalytixLabs, one of India’s ace analytics institutes has recently partnered with IBM to provide joint certifications.

Judging an institute by the reviews

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