Tips for Choosing Good Dogs According to Folklore

Dogs are now considered one of the smartest pets. They even repay people, care and comfort us. It's great to have a smart, easy-going dog that can be friends or keep a house, right? And the following folk tips will help you choose a smart dog you want.

The demand of Vietnamese people today, is very fond of Western, strange and beautiful breeds such as Husky, Pomeranian, Poodle, ... Along with that, crossbreeding and breeding have also become more widespread. As a result, many puppies are born with a lack of agility or some recessive genes that cause disease. That is why you need to choose carefully to have a wise and agile dog. Please apply the following dog selection tips to be effective.

Since ancient times, drawn from his own experiences of seeing and hearing, his father has passed down a lot of experience in choosing dogs. And to this day, those experiences still prove quite correct when we choose dogs.

Choose by origin and time:

First of all, if you want to choose a dog to raise, the first thing to pay attention to is the origin of their parents. Usually, if the puppies are bred by purebred parents, it is more secure. My fathers often have a saying: "" Dogs like father, chickens like mothers ". This means that puppies often carry paternal traits. You won't be able to see all the traits of a puppy when it is a child, as it changes a lot as it grows up. So the solution for you is to look at the pooch's characteristics.

Next is the time to choose to pick up the puppies home. To have a smart, loyal dog, you should raise it from a young age, when the puppies are about to stop breastfeeding.

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Choose according to physical features:

After the two above conditions are satisfied, consider their physical characteristics. Specifically, choose a dog:

"First-round, golden-yellow, three-cavity, four-spot": Remember that the poodle dogs are usually the most intelligent, intelligent and powerful dogs. Then came the golden dogs and other colors.

"Four sunday flowers": Four are four. That is to choose a dog, on the instep of the foot there is a white spot or the whole foot is white.

"Four Suggestions": Dogs have legend, which means that a small claw appears behind the elbow. They are considered wise dogs.

Dalmatians: There are black spots on the inside of the dog's tongue. The specialty of the Dalmatians is that they are very smart and easy to talk about, and have good housekeeping.

What about dalmatians? People have a saying "If the head is raised, the tail is meat". This means choosing to keep dogs with spots on their heads. They will be very tricky. On the contrary, if the dog is dalmatian, it should not be chosen. "Meat" here means that it should not be raised, but does not encourage you to kill them.

Crane hilt: refers to the hair on the dog's back that grows down from the head to the tail, forming a sword shape along the spine. This means feng shui, creating authority for the landlord like the authority of a sword.

In addition to physical features that need to be considered, such as a spotted dalmatian or a striped dog, you need to pay attention to their behavioral features.

Choose a dog according to actions and gestures:

Please observe every gesture and action of the dog you intend to buy. If he runs and jumps well, his bark is strong and clear. Pay special attention to when the dog eats. There are many puppies, when they see that the food is boiled and eaten. But also some dogs smell food very carefully before they dare to eat it. These are smart dogs to choose from.

Another important factor in choosing a dog is choosing a courageous dog. So how do you know if they have courage or not? It's as simple as this: Take a colored scarf, walk in the middle of the puppies and scare them. The puppies that don't run away are the bravest ones.

Above are the tips to choose useful dogs passed down from ancient times in the folk. The above tips for choosing a dog are the most basic, simple tips. However, in some other cases, you need to pay attention to other features to choose the dog you want. You can refer to other articles of at our homepage. Hope you will have the most loyal and intelligent dog friend.

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