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Putlockers - Top 10 Alternatives Sites

Putlockers official website putlocker.com is one of the most preferred and most successful online video streaming website putlockers have been shut down. If you've been trying to find the latest Putlockers alternative places to watch online TV programs and movies, then you need to check the right location. Here's the complete checklist of the best alternatives for Putlocker.

Movie-watching time, or we say prime-time TV, is the most important and vital time for us, particularly in these days of lock-down. We feel great pleasure at this moment, and we also enjoy high-quality time with our loved ones.

With the time to be more electronic, we've been searching for online streaming. Internet streaming is advantageous and realistic as no more requests are made to remove a fixed period for viewing entertainment content on websites.

Before continuing, I would like to inform you that a few of the online movie sites that offer free streaming are illegal and that is an important reason why Putlocker sites have been deleted.

Why is Putlocker Shut Down right now?

Some factors can contribute to your failure to access the Putlocker.to site. The website may be currently down for maintenance, the domain name you are trying to access may have been deleted, or your ISP may be stopping you from accessing the website.

At the end of 2017, the Australian Federal Court ordered ISPs across the nation to block a list of over 30 pirate domains that included the main Putlocker domain at the time. Since then, several governments around the world , including the United States, have taken serious measures against online film steaming and streaming sites.

So, Putlocker's free download movies are shut down for you, maybe your on-the-job access provider. In this case, what you need to do to retrieve access is to use a VPN.

8 Best Putlockers Alternatives Sites



Openload Movies





Stream Complet


One more well-known name in the perfect free movie streaming list of Putlocker Alternatives is Gomovies. Its new, as well as its simplified user interface, make it distinct from its competitors.

You will easily navigate with its various types and genres when browsing your favorite movies and even programs. If you have any quality issues, consider using a VPN connection to enjoy uninterrupted high-quality solutions.

Since it's cost-free, you could sometimes have a few ads before you play your video.


123Movies is one of the largest film websites in this article. On this website, movies and series can be found in all types of video formats such as 4 K, 1080p, 720p, etc. with little to no advertisements to pop-ups available. This website also has a search box and category options in the menu bar, so you can quickly navigate through it.

The home page of 123 Movie's new website is amazingly easy. 123Movie 's website can be used to watch all the new movies and TV shows produced. They've made it pretty clear that they're not hosting movies , TV shows, and series on their won server. The content available on this website originates from other leading streaming sites.

Openload Movies

In addition, Openload Movies is the best website for watching free online movies. Openload Movies features an excellent UI alongside the carousel of the latest movies or trendy series.

Users can easily search for the movies they need by searching for movies with titles and performing their genres, names, and year. Also, movies are mostly checked for their most recent releases.


I wanted to place Fmovies on the list because they have the biggest movie content and it's one of the best free online video streaming sites that you don't need to sign up for. First I need to tell you how it works.

First, you do not use the ad blocker

Second, if you're about to watch movies online, you'll see advertisements twice before the video begins to play or stream.

This is how it works when the ads show up on a new tab, you've got to wait about 10 seconds for it to load and make sure you don't click on those pops ads, even though they try to give you updates.

What you need to do is go back to the previous tab and start playing your video.

There's a lot of Fmovies movies and TV series waiting for you.


Solar movies are the easiest, or the most successful, Putlocker Alternative Sites. Its vast catalogue of films and TV shows continues to grow on a regular basis.

Its efficiency is excellent, simple to use, and has an extremely responsive interface that makes it the right choice. SolarMovie features a penalty on both computer systems and cell phones.


YesMovies is a perfect place to discover thousands of movies and TV shows in high-quality videos. Most notable is that no registration is needed to use this website, which ensures that anyone can access uninterrupted online video streaming without logging in and paying a single penny.

On YesMovies, you can either find movies by genre, launch year, IMDb ratings, actors, etc., or use the search box to find a particular movie or TV show. This website is blocked in many countries around the world, and if you are unable to access this website, we would suggest that you try a VPN to access it, although the pace of streaming would slow down a little because of it.


If you’re looking to watch movies and tv shows with arabic subtitles Egybest if the best place for you.

Here you can scan the desired content through categories such as comedy, horror, adventure, romance, action and more without any registration or payment. In addition, EgyBest is also one of the best alternatives to Putlocker, so it's easier to make your option to watch all your favorite movies online without a premium.

Stream Complet

Stream Complet is one of the best websites to watch movies and tv shows with french subtitles or even french voice. No sign-up or registration is necessary to start watching movies and shows on this website, and the platform has less ads than other free streaming sites on this list. We liked the well-organised, tidy layout of this website.

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