4 Wheel Drive 1994 jeep wrangler parts are available!

4 Wheel Drive 1994 jeep wrangler parts are available!

There are some questions on our involvement with Ham Radio in Wisconsin. It's great to work out numerous members getting licensed and buying their radios. Please confine the mind we are performing on furthering our communication plan which we'd just like the involvement of WI Ham Radio clubs, ARES/RACES, Repeater Networks and alike before we'll finish our plans and training. We aren't looking to the require over or interfere with anything already established in WI which we might wish to be an asset to the local Ham Radio community. we'd wish to help , we'd wish to volunteer, we'd wish to work together!

It's AWESOME having the facility to speak with numerous of you then many 4x4 clubs across the country using ham. Just confine mind we're not the sole people using these frequencies and this is often often often not CB. Communication must be slightly more formal and things are done slightly differently on ham vs CB, not tons different, just different.

I know sort of you grumble once we talk ham radio, but it is a serious deal in having the facility to effectively communicate over large distances. We're talking about it tons because it's new our Association and need to urge the proper info out. we'd wish to use these tools correctly and admittedly , we do not want to piss off the clubs, folks that own the equipment, and people who would be responding to us within the event of an emergency..


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