What you should know about the temperament of English setter?

The English setter

Why the English setter?

The English setter temperament makes her great makes the dog a great choice for a family with the kids.

However, if you are planning to bring one home, it’s not great to leave her alone at home. So if you work for long hours, then you’re not a good fit for the English setter.

The dog breed has an impressive memory. She run for someone hasn’t seen for years and kisses them as they’ve only been gone for a day.

English setter Temperament and Personality

Some of the most notable things about English setter is how much she loves people, and how crazy-good her memory is. If you’ve ever thought if a shelter dog remembers the life she had before she was adopted, the dog undoubtedly would.

Several traits affect the English setter temperament. English setter traits are among the most numerous for any dog breed.


English Setters are show-offs who are eager to show their hunting skills while in the field or playing at home.


Between her energetic nature and her inherent love for people, the English setter loves the play session.


She is both energetic and athletic, that makes the dog your hiking or jogging partner.


She is a sociable creature that craves companionship from people around.


Perhaps one of the most impressive sides is the intelligence of this crazy good memory of English setter. If the dog remembers something, she may remember it for life. It is good and bad both.

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