8 Ways to Make your Home Diabetes-Friendly

Home is the most comfortable place for most people. It is a place where you can put all your stress away and relax completely. 

Each home is beautifully unique and nurtured with the love of people living in it. A basic foundation of having a secure home is ensuring that you make your home in such a way that all the members of your family are completely safe and comfortable always. To achieve this, the needs of all family members should be kept as a priority.

Diabetes is a long-term medical condition that requires a lot of changes in routine life. Even if one member in your family has diabetes, all efforts should be made to make the home completely friendly for that member to ensure safety and motivation each day.

Here we share 8 simple ways in which you can make your home diabetes-friendly

1. Keep all information handy -

Some of the ways that can help you to keep all this information handy are:

Write in a notebook

Make small sticky notes

Keep the medicines properly highlighted and separate

Note all the information in the phones


2. Regular blood sugar monitoring

Regular testing of blood sugar levels is important for people with diabetes to keep track of their blood sugar levels.

You can help your family member with diabetes by

Talking to themandmotivating them

Learning yourself how to do the test

Helping them maintain a notebook

Ensuring the availability of supplies at home

3. Managing meals -


You can manage diabetes-friendly healthy meals in many ways like:

All members should be informed

Promote healthy cooking

Cook fun healthy recipes

Serve all the food together, diabetes-friendly food

Avoid getting unhealthy foods that are particularly loved

Always keep some carbohydrate snacks handy

4. Help with alcohol habit

It is very important to know the limit of intake and the type of alcohol that suits the person with diabetes based on their condition. 

For helping your family member, you can

Discuss with the doctor


Be aware of their permissible alcohol limit

Avoid too much alcohol drinking environment

5. Make the physical activity an enjoyable routine

Remaining physically active is an important part of keeping blood sugar levels in control. However, at times it may become a tedious task to exercise every day.

You can try some fun activities with your family member with diabetes to keep them active like:

Dancing, swimming, playing some sport of their interest.

Playing with small children.

Doing yoga together.

Going for a walk together.

6. Ensure good sleep

Good quality sleep is important to remain relaxed and to have blood sugar levels in control.

To ensure good quality sleep for your family member with diabetes, you can

Take care of their sleep hygiene.

Fix an approximate time for sleep

Maintain a stress-free environment

Ensure no loud noises

Keep the lights in their room dimmed

7. Prevent injuries and accidents by being safe -

A common problem associated with high blood sugar levels is delayed wound healing. In people with diabetic nerve disease (neuropathy), there is a loss of sensation, that makes the person unaware of any injuries or wounds. This may lead to callus, ulcers and other severe infections, especially in the feet.

In a diabetes-friendly home, it is important to

Keep the home uncluttered

Ensure there are no toys or objects scattered

Maintain cleanliness

8. Promote a completely smoke-free environment

Smoke can make it more difficult to maintain blood sugar levels.

If you want your family member with diabetes not to smoke, you can

Support them emotionally and motivate

Discuss the harmful effects of smoking

Identify the triggering factors for smoking like stress, peer pressure

Seek professional help and consume diabetic products

Adapting these points can not cause any harm to a non-diabetic person in any way; however, they can go a long way in helping a person with diabetes and promoting a healthy lifestyle for other family members also. This will help in improving the overall health of the family. So, try these ways and turn your home into a comfortable, diabetes-friendly abode!

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