What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Convection Oven?

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Whereas traditional ovens have no fans hence no homogenous heat distribution is expected. While this may give a hint that a convection oven is the best option, here are some advantages and disadvantages of a convection oven so that you make the right choice before purchasing an oven for your kitchen.

Advantages of Convection Oven

· A convection oven offers uniform heating and hence it allows your food to be cooked evenly. Even if you are baking something, this oven will raise your cakes and brownies evenly giving them a picture-perfect look.

· The temperature control is much easier in a convection oven than the ordinary ones.

· These ovens allow faster baking and cooking leaving no hot or cold spots inside.

· Since these ovens allow faster cooking and baking, hence they are more energy and time-efficient.

· The best part of this oven is that you can bake as many items as you want without being worried about the load on the oven. All your items will be cooked properly and evenly no matter which side of the oven you have placed your dish in. Uniform heating will cook your food evenly.

· This oven keeps it's exterior cool and interior hot. Hence you can easily handle your food and oven without the fear of burning your hands.

· This oven also prevents flavor transfer; hence multiple items can be cooked at one time.

· Most of the convection ovens also come with a self-cleaning feature hence it saves your time and effort.

Disadvantages of Convection Oven

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· Some of the fans can be louder than conventional ovens hence creating inconvenience for some users.

· The fans can also either blow out near the foil or parchment paper hence destroying your food.

· They are less reliable and more liable because of an additional fan motor that is suspected to burn or damage upon improper use.

· You have to be very precise with your chosen cooking time since opening the door more frequently may affect the timing of cooking.

Bonus Tip Before Getting an Oven

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