Writing Acknowledgement is an Essential Part of Writing

Writing the acknowledgement for the thesis is an important part that cannot be taken lightly. After completing the thesis, there comes an important part of writing an acknowledgement. This is the part when you start acknowledging and thanking people, organizations, companies or institutions that have helped you directly or indirectly during your journey of writing the thesis.

It is not mandatory to mention every single person but the most important ones can be acknowledged in the section. The tone of the acknowledgement is formal. Refrain from making your tone personal. It is best to place the acknowledgement at the beginning.

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Why is it so important to write an acknowledgement?

It is an important part where you give thanks to the people who have helped you even in the slightest form in completing your thesis. It is like appreciating the people around for their enormous efforts and help in the completion of the thesis. Your thesis cannot be called complete without it. So put your heart and soul in it to write in the best manner.

You should put the thesis on a separate page to make it shine by acknowledging people from the personal as well as a professional field. It is written just after the title page and before the abstract. The tone of the acknowledgement can be personal as it is a thanksgiving page and is not included in the academics.

People who can be acknowledged in a thesis

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You should also check the guidelines of your university before writing the acknowledgement as some universities do not allow to acknowledge the people from the personal front but only from the professional front. It is always appreciated if the people from the professional front are acknowledged first as it gives a good impression. These people from the professional front may include:

• supervisors

• professors

• lab assistants

• librarians

• colleagues

• editors/proofreaders

• classmates

• participants who helped in gathering data

On the personal front, you can add the names of

• Family

• Friends

• Any special acknowledgements

• Any deceased family member

Sometimes there is some person who has inspired you particularly and you want to mention the name of the person as a special thanksgiving then you can mention the name in the acknowledgement section. There may be a deceased person that has been your inspiration then you can dedicate your thesis as a special mention.

The Phrases used for dissertation acknowledgements

Everyone wants to make their dissertation impressive and that can only be done to add phrases to it that are frequently used in it. Here are the common phrases that are used in thesis acknowledgements.

• I would like to offer my warm regards to

• I wish to offer my gratitude to

• I wish to thank all the people who have been really supportive of me and assisted me in the completion of this project

• I am highly obliged to the people

• I would like to appreciate the great advice of (name) that has proved critical towards the success of this study with all my heart

• I wish to thank people for their invaluable help and support during the study

Making Your Acknowledgment Shine

The important guidelines that will make your thesis shine are given below:

• As the other parts of a thesis is professional in tone, it should be ensured that the tone of the acknowledgement should be as professional as possible. The main goal while writing the thesis is that it should be brief, to the point and concise. Try not to get into any personal details of the people mentioned in the acknowledgement.

• It should be kept in mind that if the education department has set any guidelines, format or rules for writing acknowledgement, make sure that you go by it and do not make changes according to your will. Though, most institutions do not bind the writers with any severe rules and regulations.

• While writing the thesis the writer has enough freedom to write the acknowledgements to select the format. The only thing to remember is that a list should be made when you want to include people for their contribution during the study.

• It is important to follow the alphabetical order while mentioning the names of the people.

• The preference should be given to the people as per the contribution they have made. For example, the most important ones should be mentioned first like your supervisor who works closely with you from the beginning of the project till the end and then teachers, staff members, assistants, and classmates and others should be included.

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