What SOP’s should the Universities apply for the prevention of COVID19?

The emergence of Coronavirus has changed our lifestyles. Different organizations and countries are struggling to find a vaccine or any medicine that can cure humans suffering from this virus. In the meantime, physical activities have limited, and different possible solutions have opted. However, we cannot stop our lives because of this deadly virus. Now educational institutions have decided to resume on-campus classes again. But preventive measures need to be taken by the universities to protect students and teachers from the coronavirus.

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SOP’s Universities should apply for the Prevention of COVID19

Installation of Walkthrough Sanitization Gates

The first main and yet the most important standard which every university should apply is the installation of sanitizer gates. World Health Organization (WHO) has advised installing these sanitizer gates which sprays disinfectant liquid when the passer passes by the gate. It helps in killing the germs on the human body and prevents it from spreading. Thus, sanitizer gates are significant at every entry point. However, these anti-viral gates do not cure the person having the virus in the body but prevents it from spreading.

Proper Hand Washing System

· Every university should also install a proper handwashing system. That means sinks along with the disinfectant soaps must be available everywhere. According to doctors, everyone should wash their hands regularly with warm water and soap to kill all the germs. Thus, a proper handwashing system is one of the core things to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Wearing Masks Should Be Compulsory

The third most important SOP which everyone should follow is the compulsory wearing of a mask. According to doctors, this virus enters into the human body from the nose and mouth. Therefore, it is necessary to cover your face to avoid the spreading of tiny virus droplets. Every individual entering university either it is a student or staff, should cover their faces by wearing a mask. Universities should make sure that everyone is wearing the mask. In case if anyone violates this rule, should be punished to give a fine for breaking the rules. Thus, it is the responsibility of the universities to make mask-wearing mandatory.

Maintaining 6feet Distance

In the guidance given by the World Health Organization, everyone should maintain 6feet distance from each other. This standard is mandatory for everyone to follow. Universities should create such seating space in every classroom that each student is at a 6feet distance from other students. The distance among the students will help in preventing the coronavirus. This virus enters into other human body if a person sneezes or coughs at a distance of 2 feet or shakes hands. Thus, by marinating social distance, the spreading of this virus can be limited.

Monitoring Student’s Health

Another tip to avoid the spreading of this deadly virus is by monitoring the health of the students. The symptoms of coronavirus are similar to that of the flu. The signs of a person having this virus include; fever, cold, cough, sneezing, depression, difficulty in taking a breath, etc. when allowing students to come to university for taking classes then you should monitor the health of every student. You can check the fever of everyone through the temperature sensor. If any person having a temperature of more than 98 C, should be tested for COVID 19. Hence, to protect others from COVID 19, this is the way.

Clean Classrooms

Every class should be neat and clean. There should be no trash on the floor, and regular spraying is necessary to kill all the germs. It is mandatory to kill the germs in the environment. Thus, universities should take care of cleanliness to prevent the spreading of COVID19.

Create Awareness

Last but not least, awareness programs are the backbone to cope with this situation. Universities should place awareness signs and banners to remind students and staff about preventive measures. Seminars and fun-based activities are important to make students understand the importance of following these SOPs.

These are the few main SOPs that every university should follow during on-campus classes’ education. Coronavirus has badly affected our lives, but we can fight it back by taking proper preventive measures and by following the guidelines provided by the doctors. Not only to protect our own lives but also the lives of others. If you are a student and unable to complete your online course, then we recommend you to pay for online class help and get your online courses completed by an expert.

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