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Action is one of the most sought-after movie genres with a great fan followingall over the globe. People love to appreciate their favorite heroes doing unfathomable action sequences and tackling the villains bravely.

Movie directors and producers understand the love combat movies receive from movie lovers, and hence, they never hesitate to produce anything new and bold in this vast realm. As a result, today, we have ‘n’ number of martial art movies for sale portraying various forms of martial arts ranging from karate to judo, MMA to taekwondo.

If action is your favorite genre too, here are the best martial art movies for sale-

The Big Boss (Fist of Fury)

Directed by Lo Wei in 1971, The Big Boss features Bruce Lee. This Hong Kong action movie is one of the best martial art movies of all time. Also starring James Tien, Maria Yi, and Tony Liu, it was a huge box office success.

The excellent action sequences and the gripping story were loved by one and all. This movie made Bruce Lee a star overnight.

The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son is a 1981 drama and action movie. This martial art classic depicts the story of Leung Chang, a kung fu student who struggles to learn martial arts and gain the respect of his affluent father. Along with some power-packed action sequences, this movie also unfolds the bond of father and son.

Written and directed by Sammo Hung, The Prodigal Son is counted among the best action movies of all time.

Once Upon a Time in China

Directed by Tsui Hark, Once Upon a Time in China adorned the theatre screens in 1991, but its popularity hasn’t frizzed out a bit. Till today this movie enjoys the love and admiration of its fans.

The movie stars Jet Li in the role of Wong Fei-hung, a Chinese folk hero. The action sequences featuring props, like bullets and ladders, made it an instant hit among the audience. Some scenes also sent the audience on a laughing riot.

Black Belt

Black Belt is a relatively new movie in the list released recently in the year 2007. Set in the backdrop of the era, a little before World War 2, it traces the life of Karate dojos who suffer at the hands of the corrupt Japanese army, and later defend their homeland.

The movie is a true concoction of various martial art techniques performed by real martial artists.

martial art movies for sale

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