QR code technology redefines its importance in marketing and mobile payments

With numerous accounts of recommendations made from the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention, the QR code technology has paved its way in redefining the means of improving marketing strategies and mobile payments.

As the pandemic continues to affect the economy and livelihood of billions, experts reintroduce the use of QR codes for businesses to survive.

Following the fall and rise of these 2D barcodes, the QR code technology is showing no signs of experiencing another downfall. This time, these are here to stay and reform its importance to businesses in terms of its engagements.

QR codes as a necessity, not a trend

Since its birth in 1994, innovators make QR codes as a response to the need of accelerating manufacturing and payment transactions. With its continuing improvements, it gives rise to new marketing solutions that have changed the ways of implementing technological advancements. From individually doing one tedious task to doing them in easy and convenient approaches, QR codes are evidently a necessity rather than being a trend.

In a 2019 survey conducted by Statista, the use of QR codes in the U.S. is now adopted by 11 million households. Consequently, its usage increases as the threat of the pandemic continues to affect lives and its livelihood.

Because of that, restaurants, bars and payment centers are embracing the use of this box and checkered square barcodes.

Redefining the mode of fine dining

One of the most affected livelihoods is restaurants and other food services. As the global health crisis continues, the QR code technology is redefining the mode of fine dining. With its power to integrate modern and touch-less dining experience to the new normal set up, restaurants and other food services can continue their operations. And satisfy their customers' cravings while following community health protocols and social distancing practices.

Through this, restaurants and bars can ensure that their establishment, employees, and customers are safe while getting back at their daily habits.

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Reforming marketing strategies for startup and existing businesses

During this global health crisis, the economy is greatly affected by its negative effects on society. According to the latest report of Trading Economics, in the first quarter of 2020, the number of companies in the US that filed for bankruptcy amounts to 23114 companies. Because of this, the US economy was experiencing a great decline in their economic rating.

But as businessmen and aspiring marketers are having a hard time in keeping their companies afloat, new marketing tools are set afoot by modern marketers. One of the marketing tools that these marketers are using today is the QR code technology. Where they are able to increase their ROIs and save up to 30% of their expenses.

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From Contact to Contactless Payments

For over the past years, people have seen the changes in making payments with the goods they are purchasing from the store. From the typical cash payments down to digital purchasing, these payment innovations have brought convenience to people. Thanks to globalization and technological innovations, the ways of purchasing items multiplies, making it from one mode of payment into ten payment methods.

These payment methods have ubiquitously helped shoppers from physical and online shops to arrive at a common task, completing the deal through paying. And just like these different payment methods, the novelty existence of QR code payments are empowering people to just carry their phones and ditch the use of cash.

In China, QR code payments become a phenomenal hit in 2014 thanks to the introduction of WeChat pay to its users. Nowadays, some businesses in Europe and the Asia Pacific regions are integrating the use of QR code payment in persuading their customers to go cashless and practice the community health guidelines.

Over the past years, QR code technology has helped people redefine their daily means of living and surviving. With business sense, this kind of technology helps small and large businesses in continuing and changing their operating ways to conform to community health safety measures.

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