Echo Not Responding To Voice Commands

echo not responding to voice commands

Technique 1: Checking Microphone Button

This technique helps when alexa device is working but alexa not responding to voice commands. In such situation, you must go for checking whether microphone is working or not. You will get a button with mic icon on top of alexa gadget, choose the button and try asking alexa anything. For instance, alexa what is the time? The device must work but if you still experiencing same error. At that time tap mic button one more time.

Technique 2: Restarting Alexa Device Prior to begin with this step, choose volume up and down key with mic button two times.

In case you cannot find any response then follow steps mention below: Confirm LED light is flashing blue…If blue light is getting showcase it means device is working but not responding. Remove alexa from wall socket. Wait for at least 30 seconds. Now connect again the device. The device will begin to restart and get connect with working WiFi connection. Try asking alexa what is the time or how is the weather…You will get instant reply. This troubleshooting always fix alexa not responding error.

Technique 3: In case, normal reset not helping you out. Well at that time you must go for hard reset. Follow the steps mention below for fixing echo not responding to voice commands: Lookout for base of Alexa Echo where you will get reset hole. Make use of paperclip or sharp object carefully for pressing the button inside hole. You will get blue light which will convert into orange light.

Now, wait for few minutes as device will get Turn Off and again Turns On. The alexa device will get back to default factory settings. Make use of alexa application for setting up device from smartphone. These were some fascinating troubleshooting techniques which will help you in removing echo not responding to voice commands error.

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