How to Save Yahoo Emails to Another PC?

There are several reasons why you want to back up their Yahoo emails - you may want to migrate your correspondence to a different platform or email client, or you may like the functionality of another email client more than Yahoo mail. In September 2016, Yahoo revealed that nearly 500 million Yahoo email accounts had been compromised. That same year, Yahoo again revealed that this time another hack had affected nearly a billion accounts. In a situation like this one would certainly want to migrate to a different, more secure email client. Whatever the reason, all you need is the Yahoo Mail correspondence backup. Then you are lucky!

Ways to Backup Yahoo Mail on PC

Now we are going to discuss the easiest ways to export your Yahoo emails. To do this, you need to download the Yahoo emails to the local folder of your PC. Yahoo offers an option for IMAP access so that you can access your Yahoo emails from a third party application. Two main methods are listed in detail below:

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Method # 1: Export with Microsoft Outlook

Before actually adding the Yahoo email account to your Outlook desktop client, you need to prepare their Yahoo account.

Prepare your Yahoo account: Generate an app password for a third-party app

In Yahoo mail, click your account picture and click Account Information Open Yahoo Mail and click Account Information

Select Account Security from the left pane. Select Manage app passwords.

This should open a popup window. Then select the Outlook desktop and click Generate.

Select Outlook Desktop

Generates an app password that will be used later when adding a Yahoo email account to the Outlook desktop client. Copy the password and tap Done.

Application password generated

Configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook 2019/2016 / Office 365

Navigate to the file in Outlook. Click the Add Account button.

Enter your Yahoo email account and click the Connect button.

Enter the previously generated application password in the Password section and click Connect.

Enter the generated application password

Click Done.

Open the Outlook desktop client; Then you should see Yahoo Mail in Outlook configured successfully.

Yahoo Mail configured in Outlook

Export Yahoo Mail data to your PC

Go to File> Open & Export> Import & Export.

Select the second option Export to a file and click Next. Select the Export to a file option

Here, select the Outlook Data File (.pst) option and click Next. Select the Outlook Data File option

Select the folders you want to export from and click Next.

Browse to the location to save the exported file or use the default location (copy the file path for later use) and enter Finish.

Browse the location to save the exported file

Paste the path of the previously copied file into Explorer. You can view the newly exported Yahoo mail data file in .pst format. Yahoo mail data exported in .pst format

Method # 2: Yota Yahoo Mail Backup

The previous method of backing up Yahoo Mail to PC is free but takes a lot of time and time. That's why it pays to go with a third party tool to save time. One of these competent tools is Kernel for IMAP backup. This tool can backup single / multiple server mailboxes. It offers various options such as folder selection, date range filter, folder exclusion and more which can be used for selective backup of mailbox data. The tool is completely secure and manages your data with integrity.

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