12 reasons girls love cats will be a great wife

If you are looking for a shared, loyal, responsible person to marry, don't ignore a cat-loving girl.

Here are the reasons cat owners are the kind of women who are well-suited to the role of wives:

We have open hearts

Whether we adopt a cat or help cure these little animals, we love them so much and that love extends to many other things.

We know the key to life is balance

As the owner of a spoiled pet, we understand that men are sometimes quite like cats, sometimes wanting to be patted and sometimes needing free space.

We are not afraid of engagement

If you are looking for someone who is not afraid of a long-term bond, a cat-loving lady is the one to be. We bonded with adorable cats and knew the happiness that would bring, so we knew the value of settling down (when the time came).

We can laugh

Cats are usually very funny (that's one reason there are so many cat videos out there), so we love to laugh.

We are full of responsibility

These ladies know how to bring food to their pets when they need them and clean their pens every day. We consider ourselves as the mother of cats, so responsibility comes naturally to us.

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We do not shy away from difficulties

After all, we still love cats even after being woken up a few times a night or sometimes having to clear their dumps on the floor ... So when we are with one person, we will It's not easy to give up or run away if something goes wrong.

We learn to appreciate the simple things in life

Those are the little things in life that make us happy. It is as simple as feeling at peace when watching cats curl up and sleep on pillows or prick their whiskers in the sun on the porch.

We are faithful

No one can divide our love with good cats, so we know how to stay steadfast, loyal. And we will do the same with the one we love. We always know to share

We don't complain much when we have to share our things with our pets. Living with a cat means sharing food, a bed, a computer ... really everything we have. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when you see we are always willing to share with "the other half" of our life.

We are happier people

Right. Science has shown that having pets really helps people overcome depression and stress, as well as provides social support and emotional relief. Who wouldn't want to date and live with a happy person?

We are really good at communication and listening

We still chat with our cat friends all the time. Pets may not respond but we always listen (and respond) to their meows or every expression. This way helps us practice communication and problem solving with those around us.

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