How to Login router for Change Password

WiFi router, WiFI Modem and WiFI Repater most of popular and demanding device today due to huge demand of internet connections. almost every home use a Wi-fi router or cable modem to get internet connection. Where WiFi router gives you freedom to enjoy internet without sitting in a single place there is also a dark side is unsecurity of your personal data due to weak or unsecured wifi network.

You must know how to login router to change Wifi name and password to keep update your wifi network timely.

Every WiFI router comes with a pre-configured default login IP address and username password that printed to devicce sticker and user manual as well. Within a few minutes you can access router settings page and update wifi key and SSID either using wifi connection or wired.

Default Login settings for WIFI router

However login password and username might be different for each brand those are using same default gateway IP address.

Default IP address-, 192.168.O.1, 192.168.2.l,

USername- admin , root, user

password- admin, password, 1234, root, admin123, or NA(no password )

right down login details for your router and follow steps to login.

Login Router web interface

Connect default SSID name and password to use wifi connection or use LAN cable to connect PC/Laptop using wired connection.

Go to Computer LAN settings and use DHCP to get automatic IP address from router DHCP server.

Power ON router and wait to boot router when all power, wifi, lan led up.

Provide username and password as default settings of your router brand and model name.

Press login page and you will get all control panel of router settings.

Change WIFI SSID and Password

Find Wireless option and click on wireless settings.

WIFI SSID- change WIFI name here

WiFI password- WPA/WPA2-PSK_AES

WiFI key- create stronger wifi password here.

Press save and apply button and connect all wifi users with new wifi name and password.

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