A dishwasher is a basic utility machine used in most households nowadays. For cleaning your after-meal dishes or cutlery, a dishwasher can be your ideal partner to do so.

The history behind a dishwasher has been quite long. The very first one was invented by using wooden material. It was completely unreliable for the people to perform their dishwashing process. It was due to the fact that this device was only capable of spraying water to the dishes while the cleaning process was entirely manual.

ideal dishwashing machine

Basic features of a dishwasher

If you are looking for a dishwasher, then you must look out whether it has basic functions within it. Moreover, a dishwasher should be budget-friendly, less time consuming, and effective in the dish cleaning process. Below is a list of the top features of a dishwasher.

1. The capacity determines how many dishes a dishwasher can accommodate. This factor depends upon the number of family members or wherever it is going to be used. For example, a 24- inch dishwasher is quite sufficient for the use of a family.

2. Second important aspect is its type of build-up, style or feature - that is, whether it is a portable one, drawer type or a countertop model. Well, each type depends on the size and area where it is going to be fit. If you are a nuclear family, then you must rely on countertop models or portable ones. Besides, an economical dishwasher is what you should be always looking for.

3. A dishwasher must always display its energy-saving sticker. A good dishwasher should qualify and certify itself as an energy-efficient device.

4. Most importantly, an individual must check upon its water consumption. An ideal dishwasher should not waste the consumption of water.

5. A dishwasher unit must be able to dispose of waste material. It should come with a proper filtration system which includes filters. After the rinsing process, the filters work in two different ways. First, the waste material needs to be disposed of manually and then a self-cleaning system is there to eliminate any other waste. A buyer must choose according to whatever his or her requirement is.

Pros and cons of a Dishwasher


1. A dishwasher basically eliminates the use of any manual intervention. This not only saves time for a busy individual but also helps you focus on more important things while you leave this on auto-pilot.

2. Besides providing convenience, the cleaning process of a dishwasher ensures a cleaner and hygienic as compared to hand-washed dishes.

3. It can make the use of water in a limited way. According to a study, dishes washed in the sink pays off to use more water per load as compared to a dishwasher.

4. For a joint family or many members in a family, a dishwasher is an ideal choice for their kitchen. A dishwasher can also be used at any party or gatherings.


6. There are many models of dishwashers available in the market. Each serves according to the buyer's need.

7. Lastly, the inner hot temperature helps to sanitize your dishes as well.


1. Just like other home appliances, a dishwasher also needs maintenance and other services at regular intervals of time. For example, a check must be kept regularly in case of a leakage observed from the machine.

2. It is not important that every utensil is dishwasher friendly. Some cutleries may break down by the action of dishwashing. This calls for a lot of extra care while handling glass and earthen or ceramic utensils during the cleaning exercise.

3. It acquires a large space in your kitchen. Although smaller dishwashers are available in the market, most of them occupy a significant portion of your kitchen thereby limiting your space to freely move around.

4. Sometimes your dishwasher may consume more water. You need to maintain a constant check about the water usage of your dishwasher to limit wastage.

5. A dishwasher requires its specific kind of soap for cleaning the dishes. As a result, the process tends to become a bit expensive.

6. Over a period of time, the machine can fog your dishes with its dishwashing process.

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