NCT U - ‘Work It’ MV [They Hint At Another Project] + New Unit Next Year

At the very end of the MV we see a scene of what appears to be all the members and a very familiar sound that us NCTzens recognize from many of the NCT teasers in the past. It could be alluding to a full 23 member dance video like Black on Black. If it is a 23 member dance video Jisung may be absent due to his injury, as he was absent in the Work It MV’s dance portions and is/was unable to take part in their show NCT World 2.0 when it comes to physical stuff.

During a stage in which CEO Lee Sungsoo of SM Entertainment spoke he confirmed a new NCT unit would debut in 2021!! Everyone look forward to it! It’ll most likely be a Japanese unit, since I feel like they’d want to get that market before expanding outwards and they do have Yuta and Shotaro as native Japanese speakers. Plus other members are learning and can speak it decently. And for all we know we could gain some new members next year, however, that has not been confirmed as of yet.

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