What to do if I come across an abandoned animal?

A companion animal 'should' be another member of the family to always protect and care for. However, this is not the case for everyone. Unfortunately, we still do not end the progressive rise in the number of abandoned animals in the world. A figure that increases especially during the holiday period.

Probably, many of us have met at some time (or on many occasions) dogs or cats that roam alone and disoriented on the roads. It is the sad reality of treating domestic animals as objects and not as beings who feel and suffer abandonment. And we forget, we don't want to think about it, but throwing them out of our home makes a dent in them. "An abandoned animal feels fear, helplessness and bewilderment. It is a very cruel fact to which must be added hunger, thirst, cold and heat who suffer wandering the streets and highways. The heartless who abandon an animal is not aware that it is not only a child, they also endanger road safety, since many abandoned dogs have also caused traffic accidents.

"When our pet is abandoned, she feels absolute disorientation, she doesn't understand anything, she doesn't know why she is alone or where she should go. She cannot find her way back, nor familiar smells, she will walk without course. Then the fear of the unknown and people's reactions will come, they will not trust anyone.

More and more abandonment

By types of pets

And where will these animals end up? "Many get run over, others are used as sparring for fights or to raise children. Others die of hunger because they do not know how to make a living. They can also end up in municipal kennels where they live in terrible conditions. In the best of cases, they are picked up by animal protection associations that give them a second chance to live as a family. And that's if they’re lucky.

Can we end abandonment?

It's difficult but not impossible. "It would be reduced considerably with political will. Urgent measures are needed, one of them, mandatory sterilization. Many people throw their hands at their heads when we propose it, but it is much more serious and cruel to continually find puppies in garbage containers. Or look into the eyes of all those animals that are going to be slaughtered in the kennels and that is terrified of death.

Likewise, the penalties for abandonment and animal abuse must be toughened. It is also essential that the educational system is involved and gives classes and talks on respect for animals and the obligation to protect them. On the other hand, we must end the indiscriminate breeding and the illegal entry of the thousands of animals that enter our country in lamentable conditions.

What to do if you find an abandoned pet?

As, unfortunately, we will continue to find lost and abandoned animals, it is in our hands to give them a chance. Therefore, if we travel by car or if we find an animal in the vacation spot that we suspect needs a home, we must follow a series of guidelines if we want to rescue it and give it a chance:

Approach slowly and carefully

Speak gently to him.

Pet him.

Take him to the vet.

Embrace it.

Get in touch with a protector.

How can you help?


our mission is to provide shelter and nutrition for stray kitties and puppies. We all taking care of our loyal friends together. A small donation can help us in many ways so help as much as you can during this thanksgiving.

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