"Assemble! Animal Friends" art identification guide

With the updated version of "Actison", our museum has also been further upgraded. The upgrade process is as follows:

1. After the update, I had the first conversation with "Fu Da", curator of owls of the museum, and it will prompt the upgrade plan;

2. The next day, profiteer "Fox Li" will appear at a random location on the island, and after talking with him, he can buy a piece of art (it must be genuine for the first time);

3, take the art to the museum to find Fu Da, you can trigger the museum upgrade story, the museum began to decorate;

4, after a day of decoration, art identification event officially began. But after the renovation, still need to find foxley on the island to have a conversation, before you can enter the boat to buy goods;

5. After that, Foxley will randomly appear on the beach of the island by boat, selling artworks, and the probability of landing on the island is not high. Our test result is once a week or even lower.

6, fox after the first appearance of The west will not notice, but you can determine through the island map, if fox in the island, the map will have a ginkgo leaf icon in the north.

On art Appraisal

1. Because there are a large number of "fakes" in The artworks of Huili, we can't see any difference from the price alone (all are 4980 bell money), so players need to judge the authenticity by appearance (some artworks have no fakes, which has been marked in the chart).

2. Foxley would take four works of art to the island every time, and could only buy one every day. Buy one day and deliver the next. Rare furniture does not occupy buy quota, can buy at will.

3. Each person can only buy one piece of art every day. You can go to other friends' islands to buy art, but the premise is that you have not bought any art on that day. For example, if the owner of the island buys a sunflower, others can still choose one of the other three pieces as long as they haven't bought art that day.

4. The number of true and false artworks brought every time is random, which may be all true or all false.

5. Some fakes move. For example, The Girl with A Pearl Earring closes her eyes at night, and the Earthen Figure with A Light Screen glows at night.

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