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“Are you alright?” I asked her again. “The crosswalk was still red when you were crossing the street.”

Without another word, she pushed herself away from me and stood up. I watched her hastily gather all her belongings and quickly walked away towards my school.

“Hoseok!!” Someone called out behind me. “Are you alright?! That was a bit reckless of you!” His voice, whose was deeper than mines, was filled with concern as he walked closer to me.

“I know,” I responded back. “But it didn’t look like anyone else was going to stop her from crossing the street.”

“Well, she’s must be feeling ashamed now since she just took off like that,” he told me while he held out the bag I dropped. I stood up and began to dust off any dirt from my uniform before retrieving my bag.

“And hopefully she headed straight towards the nurse’s office,” he continued as we walked towards the school.

“What made you say that?”

“Her knees were scrapped, and it looked like there were some blood on them,” he finished.

As we headed towards the hallways that contained our classroom, I thought about checking the nurse’s office to see if she was there.

I need to make sure she’s okay,

“I’ll be right back, Namjoon,” I told him as I quickly turned in the direction of the health room.

“I know what you’re thinking, and don’t you think she would prefer to be alone right now?” Namjoon shouted out at me.

“And what makes you think I’m about to do that?” I said as I turned around to look at him, walking backwards down the hallways.

“Because your classroom is right here.”

“I’ll see you in class then!” I said hastily and turned around to run towards my new destination.

I could already picture what kind of expression he would have on his face right now. His cheeks would probably be pressed together, revealing his signature dimples as he applied pressure to the bridge of his nose with his pointer and thumb. Sure enough, when I turned around to look at him one more time, he was doing exactly what I thought he would do. I chuckled to myself as I continued to head to the nurse’s office.


As soon as I got there, the only person that was present was the nurse themselves.

“Is there anything you need?” The nurse asked me.

“Uh, not really,” I said hesitantly. “Was there anyone else that stopped by earlier?”

“You are the first person to visit this morning,” he responded.

Feeling a bit disappointed by the outcome, I turned around to head back to class but stopped myself in my tracks.

“Actually, may I have a few band-aids big enough to fit the knee area?” I turned to ask the nurse.

“Did you injure yourself?” He asked confused as he stood up from his desk to retrieve the band-aids from one of the cabinets.

“Not me, but a friend. She tripped and injured herself in the process.”

“Well, make sure she comes back here during one of the breaks to disinfect her wounds. We wouldn’t want it to become infected,” he told me as he handed me the band-aids.

“I’ll be sure to let her know,” I replied as I began heading back to the classrooms.


I used up most of my free time to see if she was waiting in any of the classrooms,I know for a fact that she wouldn’t be in our classroom.

A bit disappointed, I placed my elbow up on the table and rested my chin in my hand as I waited for the class to begin.

Maybe she’s an upper classman?

“Class, this is Park Euna and she will be with us for the rest of the school year. Please help her if she has any questions or has any difficulties adjusting to our school.” Ms. Goh spoke up as she entered the classroom with another student. I immediately sat up in my chair when I realized who the girl was.

That’s why I couldn’t find her,

When I saw her heading in my direction, I was about to raise my hand to greet her until I realized that she’s been keeping her head down the whole time. I waited for her to take a seat and when Ms. Goh’s back was turned.

“You know, you still didn’t answer my question,” I whispered loud enough for her to hear and to not bring attention from anyone else. She held a surprised expression when she turned around to face me.

“I want to give you this,” I whispered again. I held out my hand with the band-aids in it and motioned her to grab it. She just sat there and stared at my hand.

Worried that the teacher would catch us talking, I quickly stood up from my seat and grabbed the hand that was closest to me. I handed over the band-aids and quickly sat back down, watching the teacher to see if she heard me stand up from my chair.

Good, she didn’t hear me.

I looked back at the girl and noticed she was still facing me. I smiled at her and pointed at the band-aids. “Be sure to head towards the nurse’s office to disinfect that once break begins. Oh, I’m Hoseok by the way and it’s nice to meet you.”


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I know these two chapters are a bit rushed but I wanted to post something here since it has been a while since I last posted something. A lot has been going on, but writing my stories or reading something are currently the only things that helps me get through things. Hopefully, these badly written stories can help you out too.






















































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