Managing Mobility With Wheelchair Ramps

folding ramps

Advantages of Wheelchair Ramp

Freedom of movement is the biggest problem that people with physical impairments face. The most significant advantage of using the aid is it promotes independent living.

They are useful both at home and in public places. Elders and people with limited mobility, like others, can freely visit theatres, malls, offices, etc.

A wheelchair user can access the bathroom easily. Thus, it promotes both bathroom safety and independence.

You can use them for other tasks too. For example, transporting furniture, groceries, etc. into the house.

It reduces the risk of injury while stepping out of the house when in a wheelchair.

Folding Ramp

These versatile ramps are widely popular everywhere to improve accessibility. They are easy to install, and you can use them dynamically to transport a wheelchair to home, office, mall, church, park, car, hotels, you name it all! These fold up just like a suitcase to provide easy storage and transport. They are suitable for heavier wheelchairs.

Fibreglass Folding Channel Wheelchair Ramps-

Folding Channel Ramp-

Folding Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp-

Folding ones are the best choice for frequent travelers as they are light and easy to transport. If you are considering buying a folding one, keep these things in mind: the size you require, how you will use it, and check the weight, durability, and safety features before buying.

Rubber Threshold Ramp

rubber threshold ramps

Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use and residential or commercial purposes

Available in different sizes and thickness

An eco-friendly alternative to aluminum

Slip-resistant, which ensures the safety

You can have a custom fit

Weatherproof and durable

Easy to maintain

What to Keep in Mind Before You Buy a Ramp?

Ramps need to meet the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADC recommends using them with the least possible slope. Ensure that what you are purchasing is compliant with the ADC regulations. Secondly, consider the size, style, ease, and use of transport before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

There are several benefits of installing a ramp both inside and outside the house. Moreover, they provide independence and improve the lifestyle of people with mobility restrictions. So, if you are thinking that your loved ones might need some assistance, investing in this aid is a great choice!

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