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The world is connected through dozens of social networking apps including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp or Snapchat. People cherish their magical moments and share their memories with friends and family members in their network. At the same time, they interact with people they like however wish to hide those personal moments from others.

This isn’t so easy! There have been several breakups because their personal chats were revealed and they couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. Snapchat is an intuitive app to share snaps and every moment via photos, chats or hashtags with their friends or followers. Like all other social networking apps, Snapchat is also prone to unauthorized access or misuse through your smartphone. It demands added security to hide your personal conversations and DMs through the app. All the App lockers are not the same and may not protect your activities and interactions on all the platforms. Here we introduce SC chat locker app that is specially designed to protect your privacy and chats on the Snapchat app. Let’s discover more about this incredible app.

SC Chat Locker App

SC Chat Locker App

SC chat locker app is specially designed for Snapchat users to protect their privacy and their chats on the Snapchat app. It’s not just an ap locker, it’s a chat locker for the Snapchat app that locks one or all chats in DMs or in groups. It also protects the Snapchat app from prying eyes.

The security is offered through both a new Passcode or through Fingerprint scans. It allows you to create a new Passcode that is different from your phone lock passcode to offer added security. Even if you use another app locker to secure Snapchat, you can use SC Chat Locker for Snapchat to add an additional layer of security just on your chats.

SC Chat Locker app is a lightweight application that doesn’t use much of your system resources like the battery, RAM or storage space. It’s an easy to use app that doesn’t require any further alterations once it is set up for the optimum security of your conversation.

SC Chat Locker App - Features

Discovering the amazing features of this intuitive app will inspire you to install this incredible app.

Chat Locker:

This is a unique solution just to lock your chats while keeping the Snapchat app open. You can lock one, many or all sensitive chat conversations while keeping rest of them unlocked.

Snapchat App Lock:

If you wish to lock the entire app, you can lock the entire application with the use of SC Chat Locker app to prevent unauthorized access to your feeds.

Avoids Unauthorized Uninstallation:

Most of the times, when we install a locker app, others uninstall it to gain access to locked apps. With SC Chat Locker app, if the app is active, no one can unlock it through the phone’s app manager settings or Google Play Store until the right security passcode or Fingerprint is supplied.

Dual Lock Security:

SC Chat Locker app offers enhanced security with dual-lock support. Apart from the main phone’s passcode, you can configure additional passcode or different fingerprint scan just for this app to extend another layer of security.

Swift Password Recovery:

When you install and configure the app, it demands your email ID to configure as a password recovery address. In case you ever forget your password, you can change it through a password recovery link sent to your email address.

Easy to Use:

The app is easy to use and can lock or unlock chats within a fraction of seconds. Just swipe your finger and it’s unlocked. The configuration setup is as easy as setting up your PIN for the first time. The interface is absolutely simple and graceful and you can find all the options right in front of you.

Light on the Device:

SC Chat Locker app is light on system resources and doesn’t use much of the System storage, memory or battery. The setup file is just 20 MB of size and installs in less than a minute.

How to use SC Chat Locker App?

Downloading and installing SC Chat Locker App is absolutely easy.

Step 1. Download and install the app from Google Play Store

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

All the selected chats will appear under locked chats within the SC Chat Locker app. Once done, you are all set and secured.

Wrapping Up

There is no harm in setting up additional security on your device if it travels in multiple hands. Especially when there is a sensitive conversation on your device that you never wish to reveal. Setting up an App locker is different than setting up the SC Chat Locker App for securing your chats on the Snapchat app. This app is dedicatedly created to safeguard your one or many chats on the Snapchat app. Live with your secrets on your device and handover your phone to others without a hitch.

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